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Nova Care - complaint management system

Designed for customer service and technical support departments, Nova Care provides on-demand subscriber-experience assessments for fast customer complaint analysis & diagnosis.

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Nova provides as single tool for all customer service teams

  • Improves first call resolution (FCR) rates
  • Reduces escalation rates
  • Reduces average handling times (AHT)
  • Increases customer NPS

Efficient customer-complaint handling

Get key metrics that reflect the customer experience of any voice or data service. Nova Care enables a quick diagnosis of a problem to either close the ticket or efficiently forward it to the relevant technical team. The result is an improved customer care handling procedure. 

Fast issue diagnosis

Thanks to real-time simplified diagnosis and understandable information, customer service teams can easily identify the impacted services and root cause such as malfunctioning devices, low performing network equipment or coverage and equipment or transmission problems. They can then establish a dialogue with customers and show an awareness and understanding of their experienced problems.

Precise problem geolocation

When issues are detected, agents can identify and visualize the area (cell) where the problem occurred and diagnose if the subscriber is the only one impacted or if it is global to the cell. This is particularly useful to:

  • Check if the subscriber is experiencing an already known issue
  • Prioritize network operations based on the number of impacted subscribers

One single tool for all customer-support levels

Nova Care’s user interface automatically adapts to web browser language and user profile:

  • Level 1 customer support has direct access to any customer’s profile and is able to instantly measure the overall QoE and the experience per service through high-level KPI dashboards and gauges. This greatly contributes to reducing the average handling time and first call resolution rate
  • Level 2-3-4 customer support: the solution allows a deep dive investigation with a direct link to Nova Explorer.

Integration into your IT environment

Nova Care provides a web API that can be easily customized and integrated into your own customer-care IT environment.

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