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Network performance and optimization - Nova Analytics

Advanced network performance management and KPI trend analysis.

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All products Network performance and optimization - Nova Analytics
All products Network performance and optimization - Nova Analytics

End-to-end performance management and trend analysis

  • Multidimensional, multivendor & customer-centric RAN and core analytics
  • Unbiased visibility on network performance through independent KPIs
  • Easy and fast drill-down investigation
  • Improved operations efficiency
  • Accelerated VoLTE deployments
  • Embedded issue demarcation and anomaly detection algorithms

Monitor and optimize network from RAN to Core

Need to know how to reduce network costs? Want solutions to the question of how to optimize network performance? Nova Analytics provides KPI trend analysis, alarms and reports allowing you to create a high quality and reliable network for your subscribers. Manage network assets from RAN to core and ensure that resources are optimized to best serve subscribers while minimizing OPEX and CAPEX.

Network performance analytics

  • Carry out network-oriented analysis based on KPI trends
  • Identify unusual performance behavior
  • Allocate resources more efficiently in near real time

Monitor network key performance indicators

Benchmark network element, interface, cell, APN, QCI or applications performance objectively based on vendor independent KPIs. This is particularly crucial to assess out-tasking activities in order to keep the control on the infrastructure.

Diagnose sources of issues

  • Benefit from EXFO’s embedded telecom expertise through automatic demarcation and anomaly detection algorithms. This significantly simplifies network operations’ daily activities by automating error cause diagnosis and increases operational efficiency.
  • Support capacity planning by predicting future network resources’ needs based on usage and customer behavior.

Prioritize action based on criticality level

Nova Analytics features intuitive and interactive visualization, including heat maps and geolocated maps that indicate risk level. This is extremely useful to prioritize tasks and take corrective actions more quickly.

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