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Network topology management

Using graph-data and semantic modeling, EXFO’s powerful network topology management solutions bring you an end-to-end dynamic view of your network and services, helping you manage complex, cross-domain, multilayer network topologies with ease.

Network topology management
Network topology management

5 products


Nova Context - real-time active topology

Nova Context efficiently combines and transforms information coming from the network and from multiple BSS and OSS data sources into a searchable topology and dependency model.

Change impact analysis and planning - Nova Context

Avoid potential outages and service degradations while reducing both the cost and length of disruptions.

Service impact analysis - Nova Context

Rank repairs according to business priorities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce SLA costs.

Nova Context platform

Previously known as EXFO Ontology. See further with a 360° view of your network—achieve a holistic, customer-centric view of end-to-end, multilayer and multidomain topologies.