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Nova Active Agent BV-3100

In-network, multifunction service assurance verifier with integrated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

Spec sheet (PDF)

Key features

  • Flexible worldwide time synchronization options
  • Carrier-class design, plus NEBS Level 3 certification
  • Operational simplicity for “lights-out” management
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Dual 10G ports for up to 20G of total turn-up test bandwidth


  • Real-time performance measurement of IP and Ethernet services
  • End-to-end service testing
  • Network-to-application layer testing


Versatile in-network performance management and turn-up

Nova Active Agent BV-3100 (previously know as BV-3100 Verifier) is a single integrated instrument that supports all three phases of the IP and Ethernet service lifecycle: service turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting.

It enables operators to not only turn up new services quickly and efficiently, but to also monitor the quality of those services and thus assure a high quality of experience (QoE) for the end user.

Carriers can use the Nova Active Agent BV-3100 to turn up multiple new circuits simultaneously, in addition to measuring the real-time performance of data transport, mobile backhaul, metro Ethernet, VoIP, wireless and video services.

The extremely competitive value and performance of the Nova Active Agent BV-3100 makes it ideally suited for deployment in a wide variety of service provider and enterprise locations, including metro hubs, regional headends, PoPs, mobile switching centers and data centers.

The one solution for enhanced Ethernet services

In conjunction with the Nova Worx software engine (previously known as EXFO Worx), Nova Active Agent BV-3100 can simultaneously perform monitoring functions across the core and access, while also initiating remote or automated service turn-up tests. The result is a single platform that fulfills the requirements of two or more hardware devices in competing solutions.

By initiating turn-up tests from a central location to service endpoints, operators can avoid costly and time-consuming truck rolls. Nova Active Agent BV-3100 allows service providers to deploy one device in a central location to perform turn-up testing and then seamlessly evolve to real-time performance monitoring or vice versa—all with minimal capital expenditures.

With unprecedented test scalability to many thousands of locations, Nova Active Agent BV-3100 ensures complete end-to-end network visibility without requiring new hardware to accommodate network growth.

When combined with the comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities of Nova Worx and its ability to seamlessly integrate with the operator’s OSS, Nova Active Agent BV-3100 provides unmatched service lifecycle management capability and service assurance functionality.

Global provider

EXFO is a global provider of converged service assurance solutions that allow the world’s largest service providers and enterprises to offer reliable and high-quality experiences in voice, video, data and mobile services to their customers, partners and employees. The company brings a proven heritage of IP expertise unique to the service assurance marketplace, and collaborates closely with its customers and partners to assure the delivery of any IP-based service, over any network, to any endpoint.

EXFO’s seamlessly integrated hardware and software products, collectively called Nova Worx, are converged service assurance solutions that proactively monitor IP service and application quality. Network operators use the Nova Worx to guarantee the successful launch and ongoing, profitable operation of their various IP services.

Nova Active Agent BV-3100

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