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Nova Active Agent BV-10

Highly cost-effective Ethernet performance monitoring device providing complete network visibility for mobile backhaul, carrier Ethernet and PTN networks.

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

Key features

  • Fully integrated in EXFO’s end-to-end mobile backhaul solution for service turn-up, troubleshooting and performance monitoring Read more
  • Offers complete network visibility at a third of the cost of traditional Ethernet NID solutions
  • Simple and remote management for zero-truck-roll network maintenance
  • Completely standards-based, supporting Ethernet OAM, with 802.1ag and Y.1731 message response as a performance endpoint, as well as TWAMP (RFC 5357) Read more
  • Capability to perform full-line-rate loopback from layer 2 up to layer 4 with rates of 10/100/1000 Mbit/s


  • Ethernet performance monitoring


Simplifying Ethernet services testing

EXFO’s Nova Active Agent BV-10 (previously known as BV-10) is a low-cost, easy-to-configure, dedicated, smart performance endpoint device that is fully interoperable with any standards-based Ethernet test unit.  Nova Active Agent BV-10 can be easily deployed across the entire network without having to interrupt services, offering Ethernet service providers an economical alternative to remote testing, monitoring and troubleshooting.

20/20 visibility

Service providers are continuously challenged to improve network performance and reliability while controlling operational costs. One of the key challenges in testing and monitoring network performance is having full visibility across the entire network. Thanks to a very low deployment cost, the simple and intuitive Nova Active Agent BV-10 can be quickly installed at any number of sites to reduce human intervention and enhance network performance visibility. In fact, Nova Active Agent BV-10 provides visibility without having to send field technicians to remote sites and/or use more expensive Ethernet network interface devices to perform simple loopback functionalities.

End-to-end Ethernet network performance assessment

Fully integrated into EXFO’s mobile backhaul and carrier Ethernet end-to-end testing solutions, Nova Active Agent BV-10 can be used as a performance endpoint device for a number of applications and throughout the network lifecycle phases, from turn-up to performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Nova Active Agent BV-10

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