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Active probes

EXFO’s active testing solutions are key to effectively assuring services and infrastructure performance. They pinpoint the source of QoE issues, help reduce SLA redemption rates and accurately measure true end-to-end latency.

5 products

EXFO Verifier Agent (EVA) - Network visibility solution

A lightweight and containerized agent for end-to-end service monitoring and troubleshooting

EX1 - testing and monitoring solution

Scalable, open platform test solution for validating bandwidth speed and monitoring network performance

BV-3100 Verifier

In-network, multifunction service assurance verifier with integrated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

BV-110 Verifier

The essential quality-of-experience monitoring tool that provides the visibility and details network administrators need to quickly and easily troubleshoot performance issues.


Highly cost-effective Ethernet performance monitoring device providing complete network visibility for mobile backhaul, carrier Ethernet and PTN networks.