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Nova SensAI - Operational analytics module

Transform 5G network performance data into actionable insights


All products Nova SensAI - Operational analytics module
All products Nova SensAI - Operational analytics module


Machine learning mines big data to identify degradations before customers notice while optimizing 5G network resource utilization

Data source agnostic

Ingest network telemetry, performance monitoring (passive probing and active testing), OSS/BSS, NWDAF (observability), plus third-party data sources.

Network performance correlated with QoE

Uncover dependencies and resolve issues, and identify trends that humans would typically overlook.

Contextual drill-down accelerates data exploration and root cause analysis

Drill down across multiple dimensions, enabling more efficient, effective analysis from a variety of angles.

Key capabilities

Use AI to capture and correlate 5G network big data into granular insights about user experience, resource utilization, performance trends and more

Next-gen service assurance for 5G SA

Catch and correct subscriber-affecting impairments long before alarms sound and users notice. Use the operational analytics module to meet stringent enterprise SLAs with real-time service assurance rather than general reporting.

Avoid big data overload

At 125 Gbit/s per probe, 5G standalone will overwhelm conventional service assurance approaches. Nova SensAI operational analytics uses machine learning to transform big data from probes and a variety of other sources into a stream of small data that enables actionable insights.

Boost your insights into user experience and more

Analyze operating data across multiple dimensions, including time, location, service and device. Discern trends and derive actionable insights that are used to improve network operations.

Next steps

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