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Nova Geo - Geolocated RAN analytics

Nova RAN provides user-defined dimensional geo-analytics and automated RAN optimization

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All products Nova Geo - Geolocated RAN analytics
All products Nova Geo - Geolocated RAN analytics


Nova Geo provides the most advanced geolocation techniques to guarantee first class analytics accuracy across multi-technology networks (2G/3G/4G/5G).

Fast and wide area performance maps

Visualize nation-wide radio performance and traffic heatmaps based on user-defined element, call, KPI and handset basis in seconds.

Multi-dimensional geo analytics in seconds

Analyze geo-located metrics and KPIs through user-defined multi-dimensional analytics for effective problem detection and resolution, and to identify opportunities for monetization.

Automated coverage/capacity analysis

Pinpoint coverage and capacity hotspots on highways, VIP routes and high-traffic indoor locations through automated detection and prioritization analytics.

Key capabilities

Improve operational efficiency, augment capacity and achieve faster network deployments with multi-dimensional, geo-located subscriber analytics

5G radio optimization

Nova Geo supports the most advanced geolocation techniques including trilateration, fingerprinting and multilateration to guarantee first class accuracy in locating subscriber devices and measuring radio coverage and quality across multi-technology (2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT) and multi-vendor networks. Nova Geo automates daily radio optimization tasks.

Drive test reduction

Leverage geo-located subscriber data to reduce drive tests by up to 80%, enhancing 4G and 5G network planning, troubleshooting and optimization. Take advantage of passive crowd-sourcing of handset data with no application download required. Capture what drive testing can’t: busy hours, device capabilities and subscriber behavior.

5G network planning

Nova Geo precisely locates capacity hotspots, coverage holes, pilot pollution and VIP areas to target and prioritize network operations such as new site introduction, small cell planning and parameters tuning. Nova Geo offers several user-definable KQIs (including radio health score) and KPIs for engineering, operations and business use cases.

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