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Nova Video - monitor and assure video services

Proactively monitor video service content and streams. Improve service delivery, isolate network issues and avoid unnecessary truck rolls.

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All products Nova Video - monitor and assure video services
All products Nova Video - monitor and assure video services

Increase visibility with the same staffing

Whether your system is cable, IPTV, satellite or OTT, you can rely on Nova Video (previously known as EXFO Vision) to ensure high quality delivery. Test your video actively as new services are launched, monitor proactively to detect outages and expose performance variability over time. Continuously monitor your network end-to-end, from satellite feeds into the headend through the network to the subscriber’s home. Alarms will instantly notify personnel of issues and isolate the problem areas for rapid resolution.

Vision simplifies the monitoring of video services across various interfaces.

In-depth visibility across many video interfaces

Ensure IPTV packet delivery at critical network interfaces

OTT services actively verified to ensure readiness for customer access

Satellite interfaces monitored to verify content delivery integrity

Cable interfaces tested for physical and content conformity

Over-the-air content tracked for insertion into the video network

Customized viewing of network performance on demand

Drag and drop widgets as needed; the Remote Data Wall application lets you view data related to one or many video services from one canvas in order and size of any design. Thumbnails, graphs, IPTV streams from many different probes are easily arranged and organized on a single blank canvas to make a customized masterpiece uniquely tailored for the monitoring required. Any complex task that used to require accessing several probes to obtain the full view necessary to troubleshoot a network problem can now easily be viewed in a single pane to get the complete picture and solve the issue quickly.

End-to-end QoE assessment of video

As quality expectations rise and alternative video services pose a growing threat, providers are under pressure to deliver optimal quality to stay competitive. To be successful, providers have to turn-up, test, troubleshoot and continually monitor and assure video services.

This type of end-to-end service assurance requires an elegant solution that seamlessly combines both hardware and software components in an integrated, scalable, flexible and easy-to-use manner. This is where the Nova Video assurance solution demonstrates value.

Nova Video at a glance

Nova Video includes a wide range of testing equipment—from low-cost Nova Active Agent probes (previously known as EXFO Verifier probes)for customer premises to rackmounted core network Nova Active Agents in traditional hardware or software only configurations. Leveraging award-winning features, Nova Video provides sophisticated, real-time monitoring, alarming, diagnostics and reporting.

EXFO provides the industry’s most advanced, scalable video monitoring solution throughout the entire service lifecycle. Installation and turn-up solutions ensure that you get off to a solid start, whether field technicians are installing new fiber for IPTV connectivity or engineering personnel are remotely monitoring new services. Operational monitoring provides KPIs 24/7 and troubleshooting tools help keep systems running smoothly. Tracking performance over time provides trend data that helps identify key issues and trouble spots.

Key features

  • Continuously manages and monitors video service quality
  • Proactively warns of issues and streamlines troubleshooting
  • Tracks performance using video-specific metrics, not just network delivery metrics
  • Delivers end-to-end service assurance visibility to ensure customer satisfaction and QoE
  • Supports telco, cable, terrestrial, satellite and over-the-top (OTT) 
  • Provides 7/24/365 live monitoring and assessment of key metrics, from the satellite headend to customer premises


  • IPTV TR 101 290 compliance
  • Audio loudness regulatory verification
  • Multilanguage audio channel monitor
  • Multiscreen OTT service turn-up testing
  • Satellite content and signal validation
  • HFC network and service monitoring

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