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Nova Passive Agent - Passive probe

Vendor-independent intelligent passive probes designed to monitor 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G mobile networks in real time. The Nova Passive Agent non-intrusive intelligent probe measures customer experience and service quality delivered on your network.

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Unique source of intelligence when it comes to customer experience

Mobile operators are driving digital transformation by putting subscribers at the center of their strategy from top management to technical teams. With Nova Passive Agent (previously known as Neptune) intelligent passive probes, operate your network and services by always keeping subscriber experience in sight and by getting a deep understanding of subscriber usage to launch new services and to sharpen tariff plans. The solution gives you the capacity to:

  • analyze real-world network traffic and obtain reliable insight into subscriber experience
  • analyze the performance and behavior of network components in a dynamic environment via KPIs and KQIs
  • generate call data records to troubleshoot any issue on the network and identify its root cause 

Software probe

Nova Passive Agent software is designed to be either installed on COTS servers or instanced in a fully virtualized NFV environment. The same piece of software provides an optimized footprint in terms of CPU, monitors customer experience across legacy and new virtual environments.

Passive probe as a virtual function

Compliant with ETSI/MANO and ONAP standards, Nova Passive Agent is onboarded as a virtual network function (VNF) in your NFV telco-cloud environment.

This is the industry's most advanced virtual passive probing solution and it has been deployed for monitoring the first fully NFV mobile network in Europe.

Able to automatically scale upon network evolution, Nova Passive Agent is designed to benefit from the self-healing function of the NFV lifecycle.

You can count on our highly skilled professional service team to ensure smooth integration and adaptation to your NFV environment.

Unique data service insight

Quality of experience (QoE) for data services is crucial in achieving customer retention. Monitoring applications is key, but it comes with challenges: data traffic is still booming and a vast majority of the traffic is now ciphered (e.g., https, SSL, QUIC). EXFO proposes an innovative and scalable solution by going beyond traffic classification (DPI). The solution features behavioral algorithms designed to measure customer experience through advanced QoE metrics. These algorithms are SSL and QUIC agnostic. Furthermore, data capture can be targeted and narrowed down by criteria such as geography, cells, subscriber group, applications, services and so on.

The promise: maintain and optimize QoE for the applications that your subscribers love the most.


Connected to your ecosystem

Neptune intelligent passive probe provides North-Bound Interface in AVRO format over Kafka cluster to easily feed any internal and third-party systems. The gold mine of intelligence generated by Nova Passive Agents is added-value that can be leveraged by workflow automation systems, big data cross-team analysis, marketing studies and real-time services (e.g., geo-fencing).

Key features

  • Massive 24/7 real-time capture and processing
  • Fully virtualized probes, orchestrated in NFV environment
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Deciphering
  • Control plane and user plane enrichment
  • Embedding deep packet inspection for data service classification


  • Network operations & optimization
  • Service operations & optimization
  • Network engineering & planning
  • E2E troubleshooting & root cause analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Automated anomaly detection & diagnosis

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