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EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology

EXFO Ontology finds, combines and transforms information relating to business entities from multiple data sources into a searchable semantic model.

All products EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology
All products EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology

Real-time topology

The EXFO Ontology real-time active topology platform and modules are used for network service and customer assurance applications. They are also used as a source of data for active inventory systems to support visualization, troubleshooting, workflow and data alignment for network operations center (NOC), service operations center (SOC) and care systems.

With its graph-data-based approach and a graph pattern matching inference/rules engine, EXFO Ontology discovers or computes most of the relationships between data stored in communications service provider's (CSPs) systems for network and element management (NMS/EMS), billing, assurance, fulfillment, and CRM. It constructs a mapping of tags, pointers and relationships accurately representing a service and its underlying virtual, logical and physical resources.

Service impact analysis

For CSPs delivering sophisticated and often complex services to their customers, EXFO Ontology’s service impact analysis module automatically determines the customer-facing effects of network faults. This enables the effective prioritization of repair activity according to the priorities of your business—not the whims of your operations support system (OSS).

Common cause analysis (CCA)

The EXFO Ontology CCA module uses a unique model of the network and service topology, built using graph-data that emphasizes connectivity within the model. It enables service and network operations teams to quickly and automatically identify the most probable root cause shared by groups of service or network issues that are occurring together—even when there is no obvious direct connectivity between the network elements involved. Candidate equipment for investigation is ranked by likelihood; if a single common cause cannot explain a group of service issues, the EXFO Ontology CCA module divides the service issues into clusters, each with their own ranked lists of candidates.

Change impact analysis and planning (CIAP)

CIAP allows the plan supervisor to investigate the scheduling of plans to determine whether costs can be reduced by combining overlapping changes, or to see if rescheduling conflicting changes can remove calculated change plan collisions. This helps avoid potential outages and service degradations. Centralized coordination of multiple change plans can also help reduce both the cost and length of disruptions by combining changes that impact the same parts of the network or the same top-level services.

Real-time active topology

EXFO Ontology provides the “always current model” of all logical and physical assets required for the successful deployment and orchestration of network functions virtualization (NFV):

  • Unparalleled real-time, end-to-end view of network, services and customers
  • End-to-end and closed-loop service assurance
  • Agility and adaptability via semantic modelling
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and low risk, rapid deployment in complex hybrid environments

Key features

  • Visualizing fault and change impacts
  • Prioritizing fixes and investigating faults
  • Faster and more accurate network planning
  • Validating on-site changes in real time
  • Freeing projects from bad legacy data
  • Accurate enterprise customer service topologies

EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology

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