MaxTester 625 - copper and DSL test set

Tests copper, VDSL2 and ADSL2+ . Your solution to simplify copper and DSL installation and repair jobs.

Spec sheet (PDF)

Key features

  • Automates closeout testing thanks to test script with configurable pass/fail indication
  • Supports single-pair and bonded ADSL2+ and VDSL2, including vectoring and G.INP, hence enabling service providers to recover and grow wireline revenues Read more
  • Fast access to key measurements from the copper main menu
  • Easy-to-use time-domain reflectometer (TDR) ensures any technician can locate copper faults accurately
  • Stresses the copper pair to determine if proper balance exists
  • IPTV and VoIP test suites for automated testing of quality of service (QoS)


Metallic testing at your fingertips

The MaxTester 625: ideal for any technician deploying multiplay services over ADSL2+ and VDSL2 circuits. Featuring a compact, rugged design and user-friendly interface, the MaxTester 625 (MAX-625) is the ideal copper and DSL installation and verification test set. Its highly automated, straightforward testing process lets technicians get the job done right while ensuring that service-level agreements are met.

All-in-one copper verification tool

The MAX-625 is an all-in-one tester that makes verifying copper easy as 1-2-3. It provides technicians of any level with clear graphical results and clear pass/fail indicators thanks to its integrated, industry-standard AC and DC voltage, resistance (shorts), capacitance (opens), power influence and longitudinal balance measurements. Its automatic TDR function helps pinpoint loop fault locations. The MAX-625 also has features designed to energize hard-to-find faults.

From office to remote terminals and beyond

Given its flexibility, the MAX-625 can be used by all field technicians qualifying DSL and multiplay services—from the office to remote terminals and even CPEs. The MAX’s outstanding troubleshooting capabilities quickly detect faults, regardless of their location. It can even check LAN-cabling inside of residences connected to a FTTH network.

EXFO Sync App: deliver field results to your Android

Working alongside the MAX-625 copper and VDSL2/ADSL2+ field test set, the EXFO Sync Android application provides a fully automatic copper test script and Wi-Fi transfer of results files to either your phone or tablet. Test results can easily be uploaded live from the site in real time and onto the customer’s server.  What’s more, results can then be uploaded to a central location for further analysis to identify trouble patterns or assess technician performance.

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MaxTester 625 - copper and DSL test set

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