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IMS IP Presence Testing

The IMS IP Presence solution tests the key functions of the IP presence server. It emulates the behavior of a large number of presentities and watchers with a very easy-to-configure interface for mapping up watchers to presentities in order to carry out performance and load tests.

Spec sheet (PDF)

Key features

  • 2 560 000 watchers/presentities supporting any mix of watchers to presentities (e.g., 16 watchers to 1 presentity)
  • Built-in test cases to test subscription-notify scenarios to emulate different subscriber scenarios
  • Add in any .xml document to any of the messages to manipulate presence of the presentities
  • Response latency characterization for subscription and publications
  • Traffic creation consisting of a mixture of features to simulate subscriber behavior
  • RFC 3903, 3265 and 3856 compliant


  • Complete test lifecycle coverage: feature, negative, load, regression, interoperability and scalability testing
  • Presence server response testing as the watchers to presentities ratio is changed
  • Response latency measurement of the IP Presence server under various network load conditions and different mix of traffic Read more

IMS IP Presence Testing

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