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Network simulation and load testing

EXFO delivers the industry’s highest performance and capacity network traffic simulation—in one box. By mimicking real-world customer behavior in lab environments, our solutions allow mobile operators and equipment manufacturers to verify their wireless networks before deployment.

Network simulation and load testing
Network simulation and load testing

18 products

Simulation test platforms

Complete test solutions for the converged network—from RAN to IMS

Core Network Testing

Powerful, reliable and scalable solution that meets the challenges of modern dynamic testing.

EPC Testing

Enables wrap-around testing of the core network elements in LTE and is used in functional and load testing of LTE core network elements.

Femtocell testing

A powerful, reliable and scalable solution to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic testing needs.


Flexible load and functional testing tool for LTE RAN testing

W2CM - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series

Offers high-performance, high-capacity control-plane and user-plane testing of LTE, VoIP and IMS networks.

Session Border Controller Testing

This IP-to-IP Gateway Test Suite focuses on testing critical functions, which ensure the viability of VoIP and IMS services.

h323Flex Test Suite

The h323Flex Test Suite is designed to assist NEMs and NSPs to perform H.323 to SIP interwork testing, using real-world traffic load in lab environments.

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