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IQS-88100NGE/88100G Power Blazer - multiservice test module

Turnkey central-office test solution for installing, validating and troubleshooting networks up to 100G.

Spec sheet (PDF)

All products IQS-88100NGE/88100G Power Blazer - multiservice test module
All products IQS-88100NGE/88100G Power Blazer - multiservice test module

Key features

  • 10M-to-100G multiservice central-office test solution addressing testing and performance-assessment requirements of 40G/100G systems Read more
  • Comprehensive and fully integrated test solutions covering OTN, Ethernet and SONET/SDH technologies
  • Cost-effective, scalable and future-proof module with 10M-to-100G flexible offering, as well as CFP and CFP2 transceiver coverage—no hardware upgrade, no return to factory required Read more
  • Packet synchronization turn-up and troubleshooting (SyncE/1588 PTP)
  • True wire-speed, stateful TCP throughput based on RFC 6349 for undisputable SLA enforcement of Ethernet services
  • FTTA framed and unframed CPRI testing, including CPRI service disruption tests (CPRI SDTs)


Powerful next-generation testing

Rising to the multiservice testing challenges of today and offering the scalability to cover the unforeseeable future, EXFO’s IQS-88100NGE (10M to 100G) and IQS-88100G (40G/100G) Power Blazer test modules have been designed to specifically address high-speed testing needs.

The IQS-88100NGE Power Blazer

The IQS-88100NGE Power Blazer supports all possible rates up to 100G, as well as a wide range of technologies, including legacy TDM and new packet-based services. This EXFO innovation sets a new benchmark: 10M-to-100G Ethernet, OTU1 to OTU4 (including standard and overclocked rates), OC-3/STM-1 to OC-768/STM-256—all in one small, powerful module.

Eliminating the need for multiple test boxes, the IQS-88100NGE delivers multiservice testing up to 100G in a single, advanced solution designed for lab and production-floor environments.

The IQS-88100G

Designed to address 40G/100G dedicated testing needs, including OC-768/STM-256, 40G/100G Ethernet, and OTU3-/OTU4-based networks, this module is housed in EXFO’s IQS-600 Platforms. When needed, this module can be seamlessly combined with EXFO’s 10G multiservice module for simultaneous multiport testing.

400G test solution

As carriers face ever-increasing needs for bandwidth and capacity in their networks due to the demands of high-speed triple-play services, data centers and higher-bandwidth residential broadband connections, system manufacturers are focusing their efforts on developing 400G to meet the growing need for speed. For many, 400 Gbit/s is a vital stepping stone to reaching the ultimate 1 Tbit/s objective. EXFO’s new TKS-610-88100G-400G test solution supports four IQS-88100G Power Blazer modules in the IQS-610P platform, and offers the flexibility to configure the four 100 Gbit/s client interfaces simultaneously with full traffic profiling, shaping and monitoring capabilities. This enables NEMs and early adopters of 400 Gbit/s technology to simulate real-life services at 400 Gbit/s link capacity and monitor key quality-of-service (QoS) metrics to validate systems manufacturers’ implementations. Furthermore, it offers centralized test configurations and result views, in addition to powerful automation capabilities that enable NEMs to repeat test routines throughout the development cycle for increased time savings and utmost quality.

A game-changer for high-speed service deployment

The IQS-88100NGE and IQS-88100G Power Blazer modules introduce new OPEX and CAPEX saving factors. With EXFO’s flexible platform architecture, users can enable any testing capability from 10M to 100G—anywhere, anytime with a simple point-and-click to enable software options. This flexibility guarantees a cost-effective, future-proof offering and ensures immediate access to testing capabilities and faster service provisioning, while avoiding unnecessary costs related to shipping back test equipment.

IQS-88100NGE/88100G Power Blazer - multiservice test module

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