IQS-600 - integrated qualification system

A true one-box workstation for lab and manufacturing testing: combines optical, transport and datacom in a single platform environment.

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

Key features

  • Extensive testing tools for system and transceiver assessment
  • Multi-user sharing, for minimized CAPEX
  • Easy, flexible automation and remote access via Ethernet
  • RAID 1 option, for increased performance and data reliability


  • System verification
  • Transceiver assessment
  • Optical instrument calibration


Centralize your test operations

At each step of the design and manufacturing process, systems and components must be tested thoroughly and efficiently. Thoroughly as in choosing the right set of test modules for in-depth characterization and truly accurate results. Efficiently as in integrating optical transport and datacom test applications into a single platform, speeding up both setup and actual testing.

A true single-box workstation, EXFO’s IQS-600 platform delivers all this, plus a number of connectivity and remote control features. Thanks to its Windows-based open architecture and Ethernet connectivity, the fully integrated IQS platform is the heart of your test system. It offers unmatched test automation, minimizing manual intervention and ensuring accurate, repeatable results.

The IQS-600 Integrated Qualification System—multilayer testing efficiency in a single platform environment.

  • A single platform and software environment to work with
  • Minimal space in your rackmount
  • Unparalleled multilayer testing flexibility

IQS-600 - integrated qualification system

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