Fiber Guardian - Access(P2P)/Metro/Core

Scalable test solution for fiber network monitoring and management, from one stand-alone unit to centrally managed systems with one or hundreds of test ports

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Key features

  • Up to 46 dB dynamic range on dark fiber and 43 dB on lit fiber
  • Narrow-band CWDM OTDRs
  • Redundant and hot-swappable power supply modules
  • Scalable from one to 96 ports in 2U height
  • Local storage on solid-state disks
  • IPV4-and IPV6-compliant


Self-learning, plug-and-play unit

Fiber Guardian is a plug-and-play solution that is simple enough for beginners, yet powerful and flexible enough for experts. The unit does not require any additional infrastructure, i.e., no server or external PC—just a LAN/WAN connection and a web browser for remote access.

A powerful diagnostic process with adaptive learning algorithms optimally determines where your fault-detection thresholds can and cannot be applied on the trace based on your desired settings (sensitive, normal, or coarse).

If you own a competing solution and are tired of it producing alarms for no reason, or annoyed by its lengthy and fully manual event-by-event threshold-setting process, Fiber Guardian is for you.

Grow your solution step by step

Fiber Guardian is a truly scalable solution that can be leveraged with one probe with just a few test ports in one central office, and can be expanded with up to hundreds of centrally connected remote test units, each with up to 96 ports in a very dense rack space. You can therefore build as you grow a fully monitored dark-fiber infrastructure, thus reaching out to your most demanding customers.

Whether you are looking for a simple installation capable of monitoring one specific link, or to create a complete view of all important cable spans in space and in time, Fiber Guardian will give you all the flexibility you need to help improve your operational efficiency.

  • Fiber Guardian: stand-alone, rack-mounted, remote, OTDR with fault detection and analysis, local storage and basic reporting.
  • Add ports on expandable model (FG-750EX) so that you can buy as you grow from a given node.
  • Add extra Fiber Guardian units to cover wider (new) regions, or go deeper into the network.

FG-750 models

Standard (ST)

  • Port connector: SC or FC
  • Compatible OTAUs: M-OTAU and Node OTAU
  • Port scalability: External only with MEMS switches
  • Min port number: 1
  • Max. port number: 32
  • Height/construction: 2U

Expandable (EX)

  • Port connector: SC, LC or MTP
  • Compatible OTAUs: M-OTAU if needed
  • Port scalability: Internal with OSC (cassettes) or external with MEMS switches
  • Min port number: 8
  • Max. port number: SC = 32, LC = 64, MTP = 96
  • Height/construction: 2U

Automation and simplified OTDR fault mapping

Fiber Test InSight is a software option that provides automatic mapping of the fiber fault over the Web and Internet maps. Look it up with Google, and then drive to the point of failure; can be used with one or multiple Fiber Guardian units.

Drawing and setup of new fiber routes is as easy as using Google or Bing maps. Splice location and span (optical length) are set up directly on the map, enabling the highest level of precision possible with minimum effort. Features include e-mail alert (running on all tablets and smartphones) with a URL/hyperlink to Google Maps software, export/import fiber-route capabilities, color coding, multilingual Web UI, and much more.

From a fiber guardian unit to a fully integrated monitoring system

End-to-end network visibility – NQMSfiber Server System

And get fully centralized operation with unified views of the network status, alarms and users, in addition to performance reports for your fiber network availability.

Track your entire network inventory – OSPInSight

GIS-based physical-network inventory tool that is fully integrated with NQMSfiber, and used for planning, construction and maintenance of the cable and fiber network.

Fiber Guardian - Access(P2P)/Metro/Core

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