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EXpert VoIP Test Tools - platform software tool

The always-available VoIP call quality tool tailored to field applications.

All products EXpert VoIP Test Tools - platform software tool
All products EXpert VoIP Test Tools - platform software tool

VoIP service performance validation

EXpert VoIP Test Tools is an EXFO-platform-based software application that provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) performance validation for service turn-up and troubleshooting in enterprise and service provider networks. Supported on the FTB-1 platform, this application generates a single VoIP call from an EXpert VoIP-enabled platform to another EXFO platform supporting the application or to any IP phone; test calls can either be live or a predefined audio file can be used as test traffic. With its highly configurable test interface, EXpert VoIP maximizes control over test parameters yet maintains a strong emphasis on usability. Featuring EXFO’s latest generation framework, EXpert VoIP provides even uninitiated users with the ability to quickly set up and run tests.

Testing and metrics

EXpert VoIP boasts a highly configurable test interface to maximize control over test parameters and maintain a strong emphasis on usability. The intuitive user interface enables even the uninitiated user to quickly set up and run tests. All tests support a uniform set of quality metrics including mean opinion score (MOS), R-factor and a full range of real-time protocol (RTP) loss metrics that combine with configurable thresholds to simplify service validation and accelerate troubleshooting.

Tests are executed between two EXpert VoIP-enabled platforms or to a VoIP endpoint (e.g. SIP proxy server, soft phone or telephone, i.e., ATA). The platform that launches the test initiates a call, sets up a media channel, transmits media and reports statistics. Depending on the endpoint, it answers the call, transmits media and gathers statistics. Service tests can query the endpoint to determine availability or to set up a call.

RTP network testing

The VoIP RTP network test is the base test of the EXpert VoIP Test Tools application. This peer-to-peer test measures VoIP-related parameters by streaming RTP packets between two endpoints. Specifically, the RTP network test simulates VoIP traffic by streaming RTP packets between a controller test set, which initiates a packet stream, and a responder endpoint that initiates its own stream to the controller test set. All supported functionality for this test conforms to RFC 1889. 

Signaling protocols

EXpert VoIP has been designed to support a wide range of VoIP environments for maximum utility. Accordingly, the application can be configured to use some of the most frequently used VoIP call signaling protocols including SIP, SCCP, H.248/Megaco and H.323.

Voice quality metrics

The Expert VoIP Test Tools base application includes a full set of voice quality metrics, including MOS, R-factor and degradation factors based on codec, latency and packet loss. Our voice quality measurement agent calculates an R-factor for a call based on the G.107 E-model extensions. These model extension factors, such as packet loss burst, more accurately predict the subjective score a listener would assign to a call. The R-factor is then converted to an EXFO MOS score. The Expert VoIP test reports the raw R-factor and EXFO’s MOS score to better reflect conversational call quality.

The EXFO MOS algorithm is based on ITU-T P.800 which provides an objective measurement of subjective testing. We have invested heavily into developing and refining the EXFO MOS algorithm and it has been successfully benchmarked against leading commercially available algorithms.

Key features

  • VoIP call generation tool that supports test, turn-up and troubleshooting applications
  • Intuitive user interface for rapid voice quality verification of VoIP services
  • Configurable pass/fail thresholds for simplified testing
  • Supports a wide range of signaling protocols to suit most applications including: SIP, SCCP, H.248/Megaco and H.323
  • Includes a full range of RTP metrics for troubleshooting
  • Supports MOS and R-factor quality metrics

EXpert VoIP Test Tools - platform software tool

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