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EXFO Verifier Agent EVA - Network visibility solution

A lightweight and containerized agent for end-to-end service monitoring and troubleshooting

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All products EXFO Verifier Agent EVA - Network visibility solution
All products EXFO Verifier Agent EVA - Network visibility solution

Discover EVA: EXFO’s active performance agent for containerized and non-hypervisor environments

EVA is a lightweight software agent designed for deployment in non-hypervisor environments. EVA is available as a simple software package that can be downloaded and installed on a host of environments. Once deployed, it can perform L2 to L7 performance testing and help you achieve end-to-end visibility.

Enjoy advanced performance testing and unparalleled visibility with EVA.

EVA has been designed to deliver:

Service activation testing

L2-L7 Service monitoring

Proactive monitoring of key customer application performance

A probe that functions alone or with physical/VNF probes as an integral part of the EXFOWorx platform

Reduced truck-rolls through remote validation of standard application connectivity

Meet EVA, your new partner in business

To complement our hardware accelerated physical test probes and the hypervisor-enabled VNF software probes, EXFO has introduced a software agent, the EXFO Verifier Agent (EVA) for non-hypervisor host devices. EVA has a range of qualities to benefit your business and help you maintain exceptional network quality of experience and service.

Since the EVA can run as a standalone application or in a Docker container, the solution is much less resource intensive than a VNF requiring a hypervisor environment. For most small edge devices (vCPE, thin CPE), which do not have an abundance of CPU or memory available, this can be a roadblock. As a lightweight application, EVA can be deployed in any device where service assurance is required, without placing significant demands on available resources.

The application can be preloaded onto the CPE before shipping to the customer, greatly reducing the cost of deployment and making any CPE capable of supporting SLA-based services if needed. Like all EXFO’s service assurance solutions, EVA provides a high-level of flexibility to fully support carriers in their transformation to virtualized networks, regardless of where they are in this transformation process.

Used as an active probe, EVA executes test sequences to measure end-to-end and segmented performance across all layers of the service. It provides an accurate view of delivered quality of service and experience.

EVA can combine multiple tests to accurately pinpoint degradation and faults in the transport, service, infrastructure and application layer, accelerating the troubleshooting of faults and isolating potential issues. Tests include throughput, TWAMP, L2/L3 QoS test, IP services, Internet performance, SIP VoIP.

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Innovation and leadership have always been front and center at EXFO. Each year, we strive to develop solutions that will ensure superior customer experience in smarter, modern networks. Being recognized as such is always a great honor. Learn more about our awards:

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