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Automated common cause analysis - Nova Context

The first product to automatically detect the potential causes of multiple KPI violations and then trigger a topology-driven common cause analysis that dramatically speeds up troubleshooting

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Nova Context's (previously known as EXFO Ontology’s) automated common cause analysis uses innovative and unique topology data to answer the question: what do all these entities have in common? This is significant because it automates one of the most expensive (in terms of lost customer revenue and operational expenditures) and labor-intensive tasks in order to resolve network faults in a way that is applicable to all communication service providers (CSPs).

Remove the obstacles to service assurance automation

To achieve optimal operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction, CSPs require an advanced degree of automation in service assurance. Without it, they risk wasted resources, customer churn and high OPEX due in part to:

  • Diagnosing multiple services, cells or subscriber issues often takes weeks
  • Pinpointing the common root cause of issues requires a multidisciplinary team
  • These teams require the same small set of highly skilled and valued SMEs resulting in bottlenecks, slow response times and unnecessary expenses
  • Escalation of support requests are often the result of a lack of automated diagnostic tools

Innovative fault management solution

Automated common cause analysis addresses the lack of automation in service assurance by using insights from Nova Context's multilayer network and service topology and combining those with EXFO Xtract’s measurement analytics to automatically detect KPI violations and automatically trigger a topology-driven common cause analysis of these violations. Operators then receive a list of related performance problems and their ranked possible causes.

Key features

  • Powered by Nova Context's widely deployed and proven active graph-based topology engine
  • Active testing of over 150 different protocols and services identifies affected populations of users, equipment and services Read more
  • Digests performance data from the analytics layer and connects symptom sets from any performance management infrastructure Read more
  • Prioritizes cause sets that widely explains the failure in the symptom set, then analyses KPI data to find root cause
  • Continuously scans for issues and generates symptom sets without human intervention
  • Delivers insights to CSPs concerning the diagnosis of issues and identification of probable common root causes

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