Optical Explorer: tried and tested

Field technicians from Total Install tried the Optical Explorer for a day. No training was provided. Watch their reactions as they try it out.

We went on the field with technicians from Total Install, a contractor company involved in splicing and installing optical fiber. We equipped them with the Optical Explorer—the industry’s first optical fiber multimeter. To spice it up, no training was provided. Watch their reactions as they try out this game-changing tester.

5-star fiber testing made simple for frontline techs.

  • Make it simpler: boost your workforce output without increasing headcount
  • Do it better: upskill frontline techs plus a unique 5-star rating scale, to boost work quality
  • Do it faster: speed up installation, service activation, MTTR & time to revenue with leaner MOPs for improved ROI and customer satisfaction
  • Do more for less: bring down OPEX & CAPEX by minimizing cost of ownership without compromising quality
  • Get stronger networks: take control of QoS and gain confidence in your fiber infrastructure ahead of its next evolution

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