The Vast Majority of VoLTE
Build-Outs End up Being Delayed

Ongoing delays in VoLTE launches and service failures in deployed networks‒even among tier-1 mobile network operators (MNOs)‒are testimony to the fact that the wireless industry is not prepared for the level of complexity involved in going live with VoLTE.

Do you have the tools and insight needed to face these challenges head-on?


VoLTE's Complexity Is the Biggest
Obstacle to Smooth Navigation

VoLTE demands much more stringent requirements from the network as compared to other traffic, specifically for latency, packet loss, jitter, call setup and handover times‒all of which add to the complexity of designing VoLTE networks.

In addition, certain incorrect assumptions being made about this technology do not reflect the reality of live network conditions, particularly with regard to interworking in a multivendor environment, policy and reliability.


The Solution is Crystal Clear

The only sure path to success is to simulate the complexity of live networks in the lab, and validate VoLTE under actual conditions. This involves simulating millions of subscribers, and generating and analyzing traffic at line rates while precisely replicating the diversity of live networks.

Only a simulator that accurately mimics the real world can get you ready for VoLTE.