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Meet the Blue Certifier

The MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier OLTS

EXFO’s MAX-940 is a fully featured tier-1 certification tool designed for IT technicians, network engineers and contractors installing structured cabling in data centers or enterprise networks.

Engineered with the expert blue touch, the MAX-940 comes with a unique set of value-added features to improve end-user experience and efficiency. With the Blue Certifier, fiber system acceptance is now faster, easier and a sure shot.


  • Two full-fledged units, both equipped with fully automated inspection probes.
  • On-board expert assistant with diagnosis to eliminate reference errors and negative loss.
  • Complete peace of mind: 3 years of warranty and of calibration interval.
  • The MaxTester evolutive tablet-inspired design: compact, intuitive, connected and powerful.
  • Activate singlemode wavelengths on your multimode unit simply via a software key.
  • Built-in Encircled-Flux compliant source — save on expensive EF-compliant test cords' purchase and replacement.
  • Leading optical performance from the no1 portable fiber optic test equipment supplier. Automatically test 2 fibers, at 2 wavelenghts, in just 2.6 seconds.
  • On-board PDF reporting with possibility to pre-qualify your network for future applications by checking compliance to multiple application and cabling standards, all in the same test.
  • Re-certify in the office — apply new standards if limits are wrong, and avoid truck rolls and repeat jobs.


  • Automated Duplex singlemode and multimode fiber cable certification
  • Link loss budget (IL) and length validation
  • Tests against industry standards (TIA/IEC/ISO)
  • Automated step-by-step reference wizard
  • Certifies 2 fibers at 2 wavelengths simultaneously
  • Supports one-cord, two-cords and three-cords reference methods
Now add the Blue Touch

Evolutive Tablet-Inspired Platform

An intuitive platform everyone can use.

  • 7-inch touchscreen with Windows-based GUI
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full-day battery life (12 hours autonomy)
  • Internal memory capacity for 150,000 test results
  • EXFO Connect: cloud-based test asset management

Leave no one in the dark!

Both the main and remote units have all the full-fledged features. To field technicians working in pairs this means full flexibility and more efficiency, since they can both now see, analyze and act on the results.

Fiber inspection anyone can do.

Designed with industry best practices in mind, the Blue Certifier can be equipped with fully automated FIP-400B inspection probes for fast and hassle-free inspection of connector endfaces at both ends of the fiber.


EXPERT GUIDANCE, Every Step of the Way

At the core of all EXFO solutions: expertise sharpened over 30 years in driving innovation in fiber optic testing. This suite of advanced on-board user-assistance features leverages our expertise to make testing as effective and as simple as possible. Designed to fast-track the learning curve and improve technician efficiency, these features also prevent reference errors — the no1 source of issues in fiber certification.

Complete reference wizard with test cord validation

Follow the step-by-step wizard to ensure accurate reference measurement. One-cord, two-cords and three-cords reference methods supported.

On-board diagnosis and guidance

Detect problems (referencing, high loss, faulty connectors, macrobends) and obtain guidance on how to fix them.

Margin meters

Get a clear pass/fail status for each fiber at all wavelengths in one snapshot and assess the gap before busting the selected standards limits

Port LED indicators

Pairs color-coded test cord connectors with LED indicators to ensure proper test cord connections. Once a reference is set, main and remote units will automatically pair with each other until new reference is set.

Every Customer is Gold at EXFO

Opting for an EXFO solution means going for quality. We go the extra mile to ensure the maximized value and use of your fiber certification kit while reducing your cost of ownership.

Peace of mind and protection

The MAX-940 has been rigorously tested to guarantee the highest standards of reliability and durability. Based on this, EXFO can offer you a 3-year warranty and a recommended calibration interval of 3 years. This comes with every kit.

Built-in Encircled-Flux compliance

Allows you to use standard reference-grade test cords, and save on the purchase and replacement of expensive EF-compliant test cords.

Ready to face evolving test environments

Facing a work environment where there is an increasing mix of multimode and singlemode fibers? Our multimode unit is upgradable anytime via a simple software key to include singlemode wavelengths.



Are you installing or maintaining structured cabling in data centers or enterprise networks?

Get expert fiber-optic knowledge that will ensure you deliver flawless, first-time-right and future-proof fiber networks enabling your clients to achieve stellar customer quality of experience (QoE) and maintain business-critical Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Get the course outline

The ECFT program covers technologies, testing tools and methods via a customizable mix of:

  • E-learning
  • Virtual trainings
  • In-class face-to-face sessions
  • Hands-on experience
For more information about training programs, browse our Be-An-Expert section

Fiber Certification Kits


Find Your Perfect Kit!

Each MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier kit has been designed to cover all the essentials for its application requirements. Unpack and start testing right away.

Various kits are available for different test scenarios, from the basic tier-1 certification kit to a fully equipped kit for tier-1/tier-2 certification and troubleshooting.

Accessories and inspection kits are also available to help you make the most of your investment.


Switch to Blue

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