OSA20 Firmware

OSA20’s embedded firmware.

The OSA20 is a diffraction-grating based optical spectrum analyzer, using a touch sensitive display with multi-touch gesture control. The OSA20 firmware provides an extensive suite of built-in analysis functions enabling input signal measurement and analysis for many common applications.

The OSA20 firmware features one general analysis mode and various built-in application-oriented analysis modes. Each analysis mode has a full suite of analysis functions for a detailed spectrum analysis:
•    OSA – Optical Spectrum Analyzer (general)
General operation mode containing most of the analysis tools available on the OSA20.
•    WDM – Wavelength Division Multiplexing
This mode is for transmission system analysis: characterization of WDM signals such as Coarse WDM, Dense WDM and ROADM.
•    MML – Multimode Laser
Characterization of multi-mode laser sources such as Fabry-Perot laser diodes.
•    RLT – Recirculating Loop Transmission
This mode is a special version of WDM that takes into account long distance transmission system analysis with a recirculating loop.
•    OFA – Optical Fiber Amplifier
Characterization of Optical Fiber Amplifiers such as Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier.
•    SML – Single Mode Laser
Characterization of single mode lasers such as distributed feedback Bragg laser diodes and external cavity lasers.
•    BBS – Broadband Source
Characterization of Broad Band Sources such as Semiconductor, Raman or Fiber Optical Amplifiers and superluminescent or Edge-Emitting LED.
•    PCT – Passive Component Tester
Characterization of passive components such as optical filters, isolators or fibers


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