CTP10 software

CTP10 embedded software.

The CTP10 embedded software offers a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface displayable on two screens:

The Modules and Lasers window for active module overview and control of the tunable lasers

The upper part of the window displays all the modules plugged into the CTP10, with their related information and measured values. From this window, you can control and monitor the modules individually.

The lower part of window enables you to add, configure and control the lasers connected to the CTP10

The Subsystem window for display and analysis of the swept measurements.

It enables you to perform dynamic TF and BR measurements using modules and instruments connected to the CTP10. You can configure your test setup by graphically connecting all instruments, define and start scanning operation, and then display, handle and analyze the measurement traces.


CTP10 software is available for

 VersionReleased on 
CTP10 Updater CTP10 Series 1 Jun. 2019 Download Area
- All versions   
CTP10 Updater CTP10 Series 1 Mar. 2019 Download Area
CTP10 Updater CTP10 Series 1 Jan. 2019 Download Area
CTP10 Updater CTP10 Series 1 Nov. 2018 Download Area