BBU Emulation Series

BBU Emulation Series

EXFO’s baseband unit (BBU) emulation test application enables operators to speed up deployment of fiber-based mobile networks, which means faster time-to-revenue for new services. BBU emulation feature allows mobile contractors, technicians and engineers to ensure that cell sites are installed correctly the first time, prior to handing them over to the mobile network operator (MNO) for BBU integration, resulting in in lower overall cost of cell site installation. The BBU emulation application is designed for a simple one-click operation with clear pass/fail results enabling problems to be isolated quickly and complete test reports to be generated, creating a “birth certificate” for the cell site.

BBU Emulation Highlights

  • CPRI rate option from 2 to 7 (1.2 Gbit/s to 9.8 Gbit/s)
  • Support for Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia (ALU) radios
  • CPRI layer-2 link validation
  • Full Turn_up of the cell site with information like RRH inventory, local and remote SFP, ALD scan (AISG bus), RET information and tilt, VSWR readings and RSSI readings
  • Uplink RF spectrum analysis and Implied passive intermodulation (PIM) testing
  • Remote connection and control capabilities allows multiple users to troubleshoot from any smart device or laptop
  • Test solution supported on: FTB-870v2, FTB-880v2, FTB-870Q, FTB-880Q, FTB-720Gv2, FTB-730Gv2 and FTB-890NGE

BBU Emulation Series is available for

 VersionReleased on 
BBU Emulation Series Lab ToolBox X 1 1.40 Mar. 2019 Download Area
- All versions   
BBU Emulation Series Lab ToolBox X 1 1.30 Sep. 2018 Download Area
BBU Emulation Series Lab ToolBox X 1 1.3 Dec. 2017 Download Area