EXFO’s OTDR software: Boosting productivity in the field.
Auto and Advanced Modes to streamline data acquisition in the field and report generation back at the office.

General OTDR Software Features
  • Great display legibility for outdoor work
  • For installation and maintenance crews, working outdoors goes with the territory. Switch between black and white display backgrounds as needed and enjoy great legibility--even in the brightest daylight.
Smooth Data Management
  • This feature combines file autonaming with subset cable and fiber incrementation.
Universal OTDR Compatibility
  • Based on the universal Bellcore format (.sor, Telcordia SR-4731), the software lets you access OTDR traces from various test and measurement manufacturers. You can therefore use the FTB-200, FTB-400 or the FTB-500 and still refer to your previously archived OTDR files.
FTB-400 and FTB-500 Platform OTDR Software Feature
  • Multiple trace comparison
  • Multiple trace viewing lets you quickly compare traces and detect anomalies within fibers of a tube, ribbon or even a whole cable.
FTB-200 Platform OTDR Software Features
  • Summary screen
  • View, at a glance, the pass/fail status for each tested wavelength
  • The software automatically detects macrobends, which are also displayed in the summary screen
Linear Trace View
  • Eliminates the need to analyze complex OTDR graphs
  • Provides a straightforward display of all events and related loss and ORL values
  • Easily toggle between OTDR traces and the linear view

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