Hi-Perf. OPM

An Optical Power Meter that Meets All Your Power Measurement Requirements.

The FTBx-1750’s unique, patented design saves time, cuts costs and significantly enhances throughput with its Continuous-mode peak-acquisition speed of 5208 acquisitions per second. Its 80 dB range and 300 μs stabilization time allows you to simultaneously measure high and low signals on one or two channels.Test more components with a single, small-footprint module, thanks to the FTBx-1750's two-channel capability.


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Hi-Perf. OPM Lab ToolBox X 1 1.4 Jun. 2017 Download Area
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Hi-Perf. OPM Lab ToolBox X 1 1.3 Mar. 2017 Download Area
Hi-Perf. OPM Lab ToolBox X 1 1.2 Jan. 2017 Download Area