FTB-600 Series

FTB-610 and FTB-635 test application software.

  • Advanced wideband copper cable qualification and DSL test application firmware for FTB-610 or FTB-635 modules on FTB-1 platform.
  • Powered by SmartR™ (optional), the FTB-600 series provides the ideal set of test tools to troubleshoot FTTN/FTTH circuits and services: PHY later, DSL to included bonded and vectored circuits, Ethernet, IP and set-top box emulation via Ethernet or DSL.
  • Live video preview on the large 7-inch high resolution color touch screen.

FTB-600 Series is available for

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Advanced WB Copper and DSL Mini ToolBox 1 1.8 Oct. 2014 Download Area