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Supply chain partners

Partnering for excellence

EXFO is always pleased to do business with reliable partners who, like us, are committed to excellence.


Guidelines for partners

EXFO has developed a list of criteria used to evaluate potential and current suppliers. These criteria include standards for quality, continuous improvement, environmental protection, social responsibility and more. Our partners must adhere to the principles set out in the United Nations' Global Compact and we expect all their partners and suppliers to do so too.

In addition, our partners must respect applicable environmental laws and standards of the countries in which they operate. The elimination of environmentally harmful substances, reduced energy consumption and recycling of raw materials are our main concerns where the promotion and preservation of a healthy environment is concerned.

EXFO is actively engaged to prevent usage of counterfeit parts in our production activities. To do so, EXFO only sources parts from our manufacturers' genuine, approved distribution networks.

Contact us for more information on EXFO's partner selection guidelines.

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