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CommScope Approves EXFO’s MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier for Compliance Testing

Published on April 21, 2016

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, April 21, 2016—EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFOTSX: EXF) announced today that CommScope officially accepted the MaxTester 940, its recently released tier-1 fiber certifier for data centers and enterprise structured cabling. CommScope confirmed acceptance of the MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier OLTS as meeting the requirements for compliance testing to ISO/IEC 14763-3.

The MAX-940 is now accepted for warranty test requirements applicable for an AMP NETCONNECT/KRONE System Warranty within the Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific regions. To ensure multimode Encircled Flux compliance, CommScope specifies the use of EXFO test cords with the MAX-940 test kit. 

EXFO launched the MAX-940 in September 2015 as a fully featured tier-1 certification tool to help installation contractors, network engineers and IT maintenance technicians achieve faster, first-time-right system acceptance for structured cabling in data centers and enterprise/private networks.

Also known as the Blue Certifier for EXFO’s value-added touch of expertise in fiber testing, the MAX-940 can test against multiple standards simultaneously. It delivers outstanding speed and optical performances, and brings unmatched user experience together with optimal cost of ownership in a tablet-inspired form factor. Cost of ownership is optimized through a three-year warranty and a calibration interval of three years; i.e., more peace of mind and less hassle.

“EXFO’s MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier, including the test unit’s integrated light source and power meter, meet CommScope’s specifications to test and validate compliance to ISO/IEC 14763-3. The test unit has been formerly approved as of February 23, 2016, to perform the warranty tests required for an AMP NETCONNECT/KRONE System Warranty in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands,” stated Ashley Martin, Technical Manager at CommScope for the regions mentioned above.

“We are glad to have obtained acceptance from CommScope within the first few months of our launch as our test solution will come in very handy to help deliver accurate, first-time-right compliance results in an extremely efficient and cost-effective way,” said Stephane Chabot, Vice-President of EXFO's Physical Layer Test Division. “The incredible surge in demand for more bandwidth means that data centers have to keep on increasing speeds, storage capacity and agility. With the MAX-940 Fiber Certifier, we have successfully leveraged our 30 years of experience and expertise in optical testing to provide contractors and data centers with a complete, integrated test solution that helps ensure the network infrastructure can support today’s transformations without impacting business-related SLAs.”

The MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier is available today in various kits and configurations. To learn more about this innovative solution, please visit EXFO.com/BlueCertifier.

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