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EXFO launches agile NEMs infrastructure solutions for end-to-end manufacturing coverage

Published on September 19, 2016

EXFO Inc. announced today its latest agile solutions for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), which include new power meter, variable attenuator and switches, all compatible with the recently launched LTB-8 Rackmount Platform.

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, September 19, 2016 — EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF) announced today its latest agile solutions for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), which include new power meter, variable attenuator and switches, all compatible with the recently launched LTB-8 Rackmount Platform. The solutions can be remotely managed through EXFO’s Multilink, the industry’s unique lab test management system with a multi-user interface that offers remote access to multi-modules, multi-chassis across multiple locations.

The newly enhanced test solutions support NEMs faced with rapid market transformations and launch on the heels of the highly successful release of the LTB-8 lab platform.

Compatibility of all these new modules with theLTB-8, a highly scalable highly compact chassis, delivers the flexibility NEMs need for a variety of combinations with other Optical or Transport modules, such as the FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer, to streamline testing, accelerate time to market, and maximize return on investment.

Ideal for bit error rate (BER) testing and system verification, the FTBx-3500 is the only variable optical attenuator (VOA) that offers a fully remote user interface and EXFO Multilink compatibility. It is also the only VOA on the market to offer a benchtop unit, which can be controlled remotely or using the touchscreen. EXFO’s FTBx-3500 Variable Attenuator combines innovative design techniques, high-quality components and meticulous calibration procedure for complete reliability and automation.

With the FTBx-9150 Optical Switch, FTBx-9160 MEMS Optical Switch and FTBx-9600 Utility Module, EXFO offers a full range of optical switches for a wide variety of applications, including multiple component testing, and bi-directional, automated, remote and signal testing as well as equipment sharing. Providing highly accurate and repeatable fiber-to-fiber switching, the FTBx-9150/9160 can be easily remote controlled via the standard LAN or optical GPIB interface using SCPI commands, IVI drivers and any other automation software.

The FTBx-1750 High-Performance Power Meter’s unique patented design delivers fast, accurate and flexible power measurements for the production floor. The user-friendly, web-based graphical user interface (GUI) allows for the easy configuration of the power meter and simple status monitoring. It is also easy to integrate the FTBx-1750 into an automated test station using the IVI-compliant drivers or available SCPI commands. Remote control is easily performed using Telnet over the built-in LAN port or the GPIB to USB adapter.

“EXFO has 30 years of experience providing industry-leading test solutions for network equipment manufacturers,” said Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s Vice-President, Physical Layer Division. “We understand that NEMs are facing new challenges and transformations, and need to be more agile as well as cost effective in their manufacturing environments. The solutions launched today reinforce EXFO’s position as a leading end-to-end provider that is uniquely positioned to support NEMs through major market change.”

Please visit our website for more information on the LTB-8 Rackmount Platform, FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer, FTBx-3500 Variable Attenuator, FTBx-9150 Optical Switch, FTBx-9160 MEMS Optical Switch, FTBx-9600 Utility Module and the FTBx-1750 High-Performance Power Meter.

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