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Careers at EXFO


Senior Software Developer - Devops Enablement

Montreal (CA), Rennes (FR), Canada

Are you a change agent? Do you thrive in situations where the only thing constant is change itself? DevOps is a culture, and it requires cultural change. Change brings a cognitive load that many people aren’t ready for. We’re looking for a motivated, experienced Software Engineer to help enable and lead the organization through the adoption of DevOps practices, help us reduce cognitive load, and enable us add change into our DNA. 


As a member of the DevOps Enablement team, the Senior Software Designer – DevOps Enablement is responsible for guiding and assisting teams with the transformation towards a DevOps fueled, software-driven organization. The Senior Software Designer – DevOps Enablement will work with teams to roll out and adopt the DevOps mindset, practices, and tools, and is responsible for executing and helping define the roadmap of EXFO’s DevOps change enablement platform. The Senior Software Designer – DevOps Enablement is pivotal in defining best practices and standards and rolling them out to the multi-disciplinary teams across the organization. They can help those teams understand, adopt, measure, and adapt themselves to deliver products that have a strong Customer Focus at their heart. 



  • Work with teams to build, roll out and adopt DevOps mindset, practices, and tools 

  • Help teams understand how to measure their processes (e.g., DORA metrics) 

  • Building standardized measurement systems (e.g., DORA metrics) and help teams understand how to adopt them 

  • Pollinate DevOps thinking – mindset and culture 

  • Build and maintain supporting software for our developer tools in support of the journey of our users 

  • Participate in Value Stream Mapping discussions with a high degree of innovation and creativity 

  • Create automation and tooling to make our development teams more scalable and their tooling easier to manage 

  • Create tutorials and demo/POC projects to show off processes and features 

  • Build reusable patterns to aid in accelerating adoption and migration to DevOps enablement toolchain 

  • Engage in code reviews with the team 

  • Maintain team infrastructure in code 



  • University degree in software engineering, computer science or equivalent 

  • 5 + years’ experience as lead developer or architect 

  • Demonstrated experience with DevOps Value Streaming 

  • Multi-disciplined roots – development, system administration, security, architecture 

  • High technical proficiency – multi development language 

  • Proficient in code reviews, coding, architecture reviews 

  • Fluency in French and English 



  • Self-starter 

  • System thinking 

  • Developing others, coaching & mentoring 

  • Results oriented 

  • Technically knowledgeable 

  • Customer focused 

  • Strong communication skills – written and verbal 

  • Demonstrable Gitlab knowledge – CI and Administration 

  • Fluency and proficiency in one or more of: Bash scripting, Python, JavaScript 

  • Experience with configuration management tools (Ansible and/or terraform) 

  • Strong understanding of DevOps with knowledge of how modern software is built, packaged, and deployed 

Senior Software Developer - Devops Enablement Montreal (CA), Rennes (FR), Canada | Posted July 19, 2021

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