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Senior Software Developer



Job summary


Are you passionate about working with the latest technology, building great products that solves real life problems? We are looking for a a hands-on DevOps Engineer who will lead the way for our DevOps environment. The ideal engineer will bring their experiences, best practices, and a collaborative attitude to help drive DevOps initiatives. The responsibilities include building a process for automation as well as contributing to the development of internal tools to achieve operational efficiency.


What you will do


•    Conduct the application assessment & lay the CI/ CD & DevOps phase-wise implementation roadmap along with the Tools fitment.
•    Create, maintain, and iterate on our CI/CD processes for new and existing services
•    Build & maintain orchestration of infrastructure using tools like Kubernetes
•    Keep up to date on modern technologies and trends and advocate for their inclusion within products when it makes sense
•    Help define, document, evolve, and evangelize high engineering standards and best practices across multiple areas
•    Write automation scripts
•    Support Developers in setting up the infrastructure.
•    Work collaboratively with multiple agile teams to help deliver end-to-end products and features, seeing them through from conception to delivery
•    Work on Integration and Deployment Pipelines


Technologies you will work with

•    DevOps platform like GitLab
•    Containerization platform like Docker
•    Container Orchestration tools like Kubernetes
•    Monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana
•    Scripting (Shell or Python)
•    Distributed version control system like Git


What we’re looking for
•    Strong experience with various managed and self-hosted CI/CD tooling
•    Strong experience with containers (Docker, Compose, Swarm)
•    Experience on building & maintaining orchestration of infrastructure using tools like Kubernetes
•    Strong hands-on knowledge of setting up production, staging and dev environments on AWS
•    Strong experience on building and maintaining GitLab Pipelines
•    Strong experience on writing automation scripts
•    Experience working within large-scale decoupled, service-oriented systems
•    Experience deploying microservice architecture, applications, and supporting services

Preferred Requirements 
•    AWS Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect
•    Understanding of DNS, TCPDUMP, CDNS, SSL, Git, Firewalls and networking concepts (VPC, subnetting, VPNs, etc).
•    Understanding of monitoring tools


Required aptitudes
•    Willingness to learn new technologies and tools
•    Work with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle
•    Efficiency in troubleshooting issues
•    Thinking outside the box
•    Identifying new tools and process to improve testing cycle
•    Strong written, verbal communication and demonstration skills
•    Understanding of methodologies, tools, techniques and processes


Pertinent experience: 8+ Years 
Education:    BE/B Tech/ MCA. Comp Science (Bachelor’s degree in engineering in Electronics & Telecom will be preferred).

Senior Software Developer Pune, India | Posted August 19, 2021

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