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Careers at EXFO


Senior Developer, DevOps



We are looking for a Senior Software Developer to design and implement the next generation of optical products. This position offers the opportunity to work in an autonomous, multidisciplinary, product-oriented team. Our product teams are dynamic, innovative and closely connected to the market. In addition, they offer the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the product lifecycle (from proof of concept, through continuous development, to adding specific functionality for a customer).  


Your role
Your primary contribution will include the creation, design and maintenance of next generation software. Whether on handheld devices, on connected devices or in the cloud.  As part of a team embracing the DevOps culture, you will contribute to the direction of our product and service ecosystem in terms of architecture, infrastructure and technology landscape.


What we are looking for
Technical skills

  • Mastery of the Linux or Windows environment 
  • Proficiency in at least one mainstream programming language
  • Knowledge of a programming language for the iOS or Android mobile platform (an asset)
  • Good knowledge of design patterns
  • Mastery of CI/CD and X-as-Code concepts and practices
  • Knowledge of BDD and TDD methods
  • Knowledge of the principles and methods inherent to application security.
  • Knowledge of the GitLab environment (an asset)


Required skills

  • Systemic approach
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good written and spoken English



  • Relevant experience: 8- 10 years of experience in software development 
  • Language requirement: French, English
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in computer or software engineering.


Senior Developer, DevOps Québec, Canada | Posted January 4, 2022

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