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Key Account Manager



Job summary
EXFO is seeking a dynamic, self-motivated & customer driven Regional Sales Manager with a proven track record of increasing sales within China. This individual is familiar with manufacturing, develop and research area in telecommunication industry, will drive the business development and the customer engagement process. This individual will establish, execute and drive the sales strategies with the responsibility for delivering or exceeding EXFO Wireline solution sales targets.
EXFO寻求精力充沛、积极进取、以客户为导向的候选人;在中国区从事销售工作且有良好的销售业绩。熟悉光通信制造,研发领域,将负责推动相关行业的业务发展和客户互动过程,制定、执行和完善销售策略,完成甚至超额完成 EXFO 制定的测试方案的销售目标。
What you’ll do
Sales Focus:
Enabling the future together
• Establish sales strategy, sales objective, and support needs for optical and electrical testing solution. And dedicated on system, subsystem and transceiver R&D and manufacturing market. Identify customers and key market potentials to penetrate and develop business as well as strategic sales plans.
• 针对光通信系统,子系统已及光模块领域的研发,生产过程中的光学及电子测试方案制定销售策略和销售目标并确定需求;寻找并发展潜在的客户和关键市场,壮大业务,制定战略和销售计划。
• Manage the pipeline of opportunities from current and prospective customers to ensure that sales goal can be met. This includes qualification of opportunities within the pipeline, proper prioritization of activities, and management of time and commitments to ensure priority opportunities move through the sales cycle.
• 管理来自现有客户和潜在客户的机会,确保实现销售目标。具体工作包括:甄别客户潜在的机会;确定各项活动的轻重缓急;管理时间和任务,确保对优先处理的机会完成销售周期。
• Complete all sales paperwork and reports promptly, thoroughly and accurately, to ensure company profitability and maximize our ability to deliver a high-quality solution and minimize potential problems or issues in service delivery or invoicing.
• 及时、彻底、准确地完成销售方面的所有文书工作和报告,以确保公司实现盈利和提供优质解决方案,并最大程度地减少服务交付或开票过程中的潜在问题。
• Maintain all sales resources and databases such that they are kept up to date and accurate.
• 维护所有销售资源和数据库,使其保持最新状态和准确性。
• Develop and maintain a broad background in core technology offerings, to ensure the ability to provide customer solutions and close sales opportunities as independently as possible. Adapt to and quickly learn new technologies and products.
• 学习并保持有关核心技术产品的广泛知识,以便能够尽量独立地提供定制解决方案和关单;适应并迅速掌握新技术和产品。
• Provide support presence at trade shows, conferences, and customer demonstrations focusing on technical product applications.
• 在商品交易会、会议和客户展示会现场提供针对技术产品应用的支持。
• Participate in field evaluations to ensure customers are properly trained and tutored on EXFO testing solutions.
• 参与现场评估,确保客户得到有关 EXFO 测试解决方案的适当培训和指导。
• Manage technical aspects of lab evaluations to ensure laboratory product approval.
• 管理实验室评估的技术方面,确保产品得到实验室认可
• Respond to RFPs in close coordination with PLM’s to provide best positive response to all technical requirements.
• 与产品线经理紧密协作来处理需求建议书,力求针对所有技术需求作出最积极的回应。
• Duties will also consist of maintenance and preparation of demo materials, performing product demonstrations, specific application support for clients and ongoing support. Taking full responsibility of the demo equipment and assigned company assets.
Enabling the future together
• 职责还包括:维护和准备演示材料;进行产品演示;为客户提供特定应用支持和持续支持。须对使用的演示设备和领取的公司资产负全责。
Account Focus:
Key account in R&D and manufacturing market development & management
• 针对研发和光通信制造行业的大客户发展与管理
Provide solution proposals and justification to suit customer needs in Telecommunication market.
• 根据客户的在光通讯行业的制造和研发需求提供解决方案建议书及相关的支持理由。
Maintain close supportive relationships with focus accounts to improve the market share.
• 与重要客户之间维持相互支持的密切关系,以不断增加市场份额。
Perform customer training when appropriate to ensure smooth acceptance of products.
• 适当时进行客户培训,以确保产品顺利通过验收。
Provide customized test plans and job aids to ensure smooth acceptance of products.
• 提供定制的测试方案和工作辅助,以确保产品顺利通过验收。
Assist in preparation and presentation of technology seminars to educate customers and potential customers on EXFO’s testing solutions.
• 协助准备和举行技术研讨会,目的是使客户和潜在客户对 EXFO 测试解决方案有进一步的了解。
Product Focus:
• Provide technical interface between Product Management Team and customers by developing and maintaining key technical relationships at focus accounts.
• 建立并维持与重要客户之间的关键技术关系,充当产品管理团队和客户之间有关技术方面的沟通桥梁。
• Advise Product Management Team on product feature/road map to coordinate with upcoming customer requirements.
• 根据近期的客户需求,向产品管理团队提供有关产品功能/路线图的建议。
• Provide competitive intelligence – feature set, road map, pricing.
• 提供竞争情报(功能集、路线图、定价等)。
Perform other duties as the Company may authorize or assign from time to time 执行上级交办的其他任务
What we’re looking for
Technical Requirements
• Fiber Optic and/or photonic technology
• 光纤和/或光子技术
Enabling the future together
• Optics and electronics technology
• 光学和电子技术
• Applications (Fiber test, loss test, dispersion, DWDM, PON and FTTx)
• 应用(光纤测试、损耗测试、色散、DWDM、PON 和 FTTx)
• Telecommunication testing technology
• 光通信测试技术
• Active and passive component manufacturing technology
• 有源和无源器件生产技术
Required Skills and Capabilities
• Excellent communication, negotiation and relationship building skills – internal and external.
• 具有出色的沟通能力和谈判能力,善于建立内部和外部人际关系。
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and meet goals is required.
• 能够独立完成工作和实现目标。
• Demonstrated ability to work with product line, engineering and service delivery teams.
• 能够与产品线、工程和服务交付团队合作。
• Strong customer advocacy skills complemented by ability to effectively position the value proposition and benefits from the customer perspective.
• 能够准确地进行价值定位,善于洞悉客户想法,能够巧妙地向客户宣传公司的产品。
• Demonstrated ability to work with partners.
• 具有团队合作能力。
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written, are required.
• 良好的口头和书面人际沟通能力。
• Enthusiastic and self-motivated.
• 充满热情,有上进心。
• Self-starter and able to interact with people at all levels.
• 积极主动,具有良好的人际交往能力。
• Autonomous, well organized, and results oriented. 独立自主,做事有条理,注重结果。

Must have
• Active attitude, strong will and true value judgement with Honesty, integrity
• 诚实正直的品质,并且态度积极,意志坚定和正确的价值观
• At least 3 years-experience in optical and electrical Testing fields.
• 至少 3 年光学及电子测试领域工作经验。
• Large account management skills are preferred.
• 有大客户管理经验者优先考虑。
Language requirements: English can be used as a working language
Enabling the future together
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Telecommunications, or related field.
Any other combination of experience/studies will be considered.

Key Account Manager Shenzhen, China | Posted March 4, 2022

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