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Careers at EXFO


Financial Controller



EXFO develops smarter network test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the world’s leading telecommunications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and web scale companies—and we love what we do! With over 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries, EXFO is no. 1 worldwide in fiber optic test solutions, has the largest active assurance deployment and delivers unmatched insights into subscriber experience. Our unique blend of intelligent hardware, software and professional services enables our customers’ network transformations related to fiber, 5G and 4G/LTE, virtualization and big data analytics. We’re always looking for top talent to help us lead the way in a thriving industry with boundless opportunities.

EXFO 致力于为全球领先的电信服务提供商、网络设备制造商和网络级公司开发更智能的网络测试、监测和分析解决方案。EXFO 25 个国家/地区拥有2,000 多名员工,是光纤测试解决方案领域的全球领导者。我们的主动保障解决方案部署量位列前茅,还能够为客户提供关于用户体验的独到见解。我们提供出色的智能硬件、软件和专业服务,帮助客户根据光纤、5G 4G/LTE、虚拟化以及大数据分析领域的趋势实现网络转型。我们求贤若渴,诚邀优秀人才加入,与我们一起在这个蓬勃发展、充满机会的行业共创辉煌。

Job summary


  • Reporting to the Director, Accounting & Compliance at Corporate headquarter in Canada and working closely with the Operations Director in Shenzhen, you will lead a team of around 10 accounting professionals to oversee all finance and accounting functions of Shenzhen manufacturing plant and other subsidiaries in APAC. You will be responsible for the preparation and submission of accurate and timely financial and tax reports, for implementing proper internal control system, ensuring sufficient working fund to finance the operation.
  • 向加拿大公司总部的会计与合规总监汇报,与深圳的运营总监紧密合作,带领由 10 人左右组成的专业团队,监管深圳制造工厂和亚太地区其他子公司的所有财务及会计职能。负责编制并提交及时、准确的财务和税务报告,实施适当的内部控制体系,确保有充足的流动资金来支持公司运营。


What you’ll do


  • Responsible for driving the team to accomplish the department goals and initiatives.  Works closely with other department Managers to optimize results.
  • 驱动所在团队完成部门目标和任务;与其他部门经理紧密合作,取得最大效益。




  • Regularly appraise / coach / discipline to improve the skill, motivation, knowledge, and attitude of employees as it relates to job performance and their impact on the organization.
  • 定期评估、指导、培训团队成员,以提高员工的技能、积极性、财务知识和态度,避免员工因态度问题影响工作绩效,从而给公司带来影响。


  • Lead annual audit, financial reporting, regulatory requirements, taxation, internal control and management reports.
  • 带领进行年度审计、财务报告、监管要求、税务、内部控制和管理报告等方面的工作。


  • Act as a finance business partner to Operations.  Develop annual budget and long-term strategy.
  • 是运营团队的财务业务合作伙伴;制定年度预算和长期战略。


  • Provide critical financial analysis and reports to headquarter and Operations Director on both strategy and operations.
  • 向总部和运营总监提供战略和运营方面的关键财务分析及报告。


  • In conjunction with headquarter, set up and maintain all financial reporting structures.  This includes the accounting system to the local government agencies and the company accounting system reported to headquarter within required delays after month end.
  • 与总部共同建立并维护所有财务报告架构,包括确保公司会计系统按时向当地政府机构和总部报告。


  • Implement and maintain a proper internal control system in accordance with the company’s standards.
  • 根据公司标准实施和维持适当的内部控制体系。


  • Work closely with bankers and ensure there is sufficient cash to finance the operations of subsidiaries under his responsibilities.
  • 与银行紧密合作,确保有充足的现金流来支持相关子公司的运营。


  • Safeguard company’s asset and control the inventory and accounts receivables at minimum level. 
  • 保护公司资产,控制库存,使公司的应收账款降到最低。
  • Maintain good relationship with Tax Bureau and have good planning in tax matters.
  • 与税务部门维持良好的关系,做好税务事项的筹划。


  • Responsible for department major environmental impact control per ISO14000 requirements.
  • 根据 ISO14000 的要求,控制所在部门的主要环境影响因素。


  • Other duties as related to accounting as may be deemed necessary.
  • 其他可能出现的财务工作。



What we’re looking for


Technical skills


  • CPA Qualified Accountant
  • 会计师资格证书

Required aptitudes


  • With good interpersonal skill, to inspire and guide others towards improved goal achievement.  The Financial Controller takes initiative, is organized, pays high attention to detail, has strong analytical skills and good judgment with ability in problem solving, is friendly and has helpful manner. With strong ethical sense.
  • 具备优秀的人际交往能力,能激励和引导他人取得更优异的成果。积极主动的工作态度,具备团队建设能力;细心谨慎,分析能力强,拥有出色的发现问题、解决问题的能力;友好礼貌、乐于助人。强烈的职业道德意识,



Must have


Pertinent experience:10 to 15 years of experience in the accounting field. In addition, experience with a foreign invested company and management in a multinational environment, as well as ISO-related knowledge, would be an asset.

相关经验:10~15 年会计工作经验,有外资公司或跨国公司工作和管理经验及 ISO 相关知识优先。

Language requirements: Effective English and Mandarin written and verbal communication skills.


Education: University degree in accounting or economics along with recognized professional qualifications would be preferred.    





Any other combination of experience/studies will be considered.




                                                  EXFO is an equal opportunity employer
                                                                EXFO 是提供平等就业机会的雇主

Thanks for your interest in EXFO.

感谢您对 EXFO 的关注。

If you have questions, please write us at [email protected]

如有疑问请发送电子邮件至 [email protected] 联系我们

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Financial Controller Shenzhen, China | Posted June 8, 2022

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