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Careers at EXFO


DevOps Engineer



Job summary 

  • You integrate a Scrum Agile team, which brings together all the necessary skills for a software project (Product Owner, Scrum master, Team players) 


  • As a part of the organization as a DevOps engineer in R&D/Wireless Monitoring entity, you are responsible for CICD and maintenance of the Passive Probe product. 


What you’ll do 

 As a scrum team player: 

  • Participate in the Scrum Team ceremonies 

  • Estimate the stories for features and enablers during backlog refinement 

  • Contribute to the risk and dependencies analysis before launching Product Increment 

  • Commit as a team player to the sprint content delivery 

  • Contribute, with the help of the Product Manager to the scheduling of activities, choice of technology, development and test tools, and review of test plans 

  • Contribute to continuous improvement via Agile best practices 

 As a DevOps engineer: 

  • Improve gitlab pipelines for builds, test automation, security scans, deliveries, deployment. 

  • Monitor and improve the stability of the CI/CD toolchain 

  • Improve delivery process to increase delivery rate 

  • Contribute to detect and fix security flaws 

  • Provide technical support and bring technical expertise to the Support teams 


What we’re looking for 

 Technical skills 

  • Devops / CICD / automation  

  • scripting languages (Python, Shell) 

  • automation tools (Jenkins, Gitlab-ci, Robot Framework, Nexus/Artifactory) 

  • deployment frameworks: Ansible, OpenStack 

  • microservice-based architectures 

  • docker, Kubernetes, public clouds (Azure, GCP, AWS) 

  • Network and system knowledge (linux kernel, network stacks) 

Required aptitudes 

  • You are capable of managing development tasks in complete autonomy, defining a software architecture, immersing yourself in existing codes and proposing corrections and evolutions 

  • Your experience will demonstrate your ability to review and challenge the software practices in place at EXFO 

  • You are also able to imagine how your product can be future proof and how it can integrate new technologies 

  • You combine analytical thinking with the ability to synthesize, you are rigorous in your analyses and developments 

  • Your relationship allows you to work naturally “as a team” in an international environment 


Must have 


  • Pertinent experience: 3 years’ experience as a DevOps engineer 

  • Language requirements: French, English 

  • Education: Master's degree in computer science or equivalent 


Any other combination of experience/studies will be considered. 

DevOps Engineer Rennes, France | Posted July 12, 2022

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