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Meet Amy - she's new to the crew!

Amy is EXFO's new chatbot. She is designed to help visitors navigate the website, find information and resources, and answer common support-related questions.

Meet Amy - she's new to the crew!
Meet Amy - she's new to the crew!

A few examples of what she can do now are given below. Please keep in mind that Amy is still in training mode and may not be able to answer all of your questions yet; but she's learning fast!

Resource Downloads

AMY - Download a specsheet

Amy can help users quickly find and download spec sheets, user manuals, and more.

Software Downloads

AMY - Download a software

Amy can help users find the right software downloads for the right product, in just a couple of easy steps!

OTDR Selection

AMY - OTDR Selector

Amy can help users choose the right OTDR to fit their specific needs. 

Technical Support Contact

AMY - Contact technical support

Users can ask Amy to connect them with the right people, whether they are looking for technical support or customer service.  

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