End-to-End Service Experience Solution
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Delivering Superior End-to-End Service Experience
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EXFO Xtract

Open Analytics Platform

EXFO Xtract

Key Features

  • Automate service delivery and validation with workflow automation
  • Automated synchronization of inventory and CRM
  • Service impact analysis, problem prioritization, root cause analysis with cross-domain correlation
  • Seamless bridge between real-time, historical trending and predictive analytics
  • Service modeling provides network and service resources in one single view
  • Scalable platform with a virtualized deployment model

The EXFO Xtract Open Analytics Platform leverages EXFO's 30 years of industry-acclaimed expertise to empower service providers with the ability to automate, accelerate, visualize and optimize their services and network lifecycle management.

Unleash Your Network's True Potential

The competitive landscape within the telecom industry is putting tremendous pressure on service providers to introduce new services faster, while ensuring improved quality of experience for its customers. To achieve this goal, operators are adopting an increasingly diverse array of technologies to deliver value-added mobile and cloud-based services uniquely tailored to end-users’ preferences. The advent of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) as part of this technology chain will add significant value. However, unless these services are coupled with a supporting system that can efficiently orchestrate their delivery and performance, services providers will be unable to reap the benefits.

Being Ahead of the Game


EXFO has integrated its expertise in the automation of service turn-up, active testing, passive monitoring and infrastructure polling into a comprehensive E2E solution that enables operators to greatly improve time-to-market while guaranteeing exceptional quality for new services.

Operators can rely on EXFO’s industry expertise to leverage data from a multitude of sources—including field instruments, test probes and network equipment—in turn enabling them to rapidly deploy new services, automate test and assurance routines, analyze performance baselines, and accurately pinpoint service-affecting events. EXFO Xtract can be utilized regardless of the technologies, network architecture or equipment vendors employed.

Unique and Innovative Features

Service Flow Automation
Flow Diagram

A simple web-based user interface enabling customers to define a sequence of activities based on templates in order to accomplish a given task. The solution removes dependency on long development cycles and can be customized by non-developers.

E2E Service Modeling

This unique feature enables service providers to define the relationship between customers, services and supporting resources (physical or logical). Service modeling becomes the foundation of multiple applications, such as service quality management (SQM), which is necessary for operating, monitoring, maintaining and optimizing a service.

Flexible Dashboard and Reporting Module
Flexible Dashboard and Reporting Module

Ensures an optimized experience based on user profiles, job function or use cases. The dashboard is web-based with drag and drop capabilities and a context-sensitive drilldown. Different types of reports are also available, from geographical maps to trending, worst and top N, alarm reports and much more.

EXFO Worx Family Synergy

EXFO Xtract seamlessly integrates all EXFO Worx service-level agreement (SLA) and service test results, enabling you to combine your proactive service testing with its underlying network infrastructure. In addition to offering a single perspective into both service and network performance, the solution gives operators the insight they need to accurately pinpoint service-affecting events in their network. With the new EXFO Xtract dashboard and reporting capabilities, EXFO Worx customers can configure various views based on their users profiles. The automatic integration between the two solutions also provides greater visibility into the detailed EXFO Worx test results, with seamless navigation between historical and real-time data. Based on user-defined hierarchies, various reports (e.g., trending, geographical maps and status reports) can be leveraged to drill down from high-level views all the way down to detailed KPIs. This allows users to zero in on problem areas with just a few clicks.

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EXFO Xtract
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Aug. 2014

High-performance, low memory footprint, Java-based monitoring solution that runs on Linux.

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