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EXFO Xtract

Delivering Customized Information for Complete Network Performance Management and Visibility

With the marked rise of network function virtualization (NFV) and cloud-based service offerings, the need for reliable, high-performance networks has never been greater. The reality is that legacy monitoring solutions are no longer capable of coping economically with the new infrastructure scale and the complexity arising from this evolution.

Comprehensive and Scalable

This monitoring platform uses a combination of patented software engines to collect, analyze, correlate and report on real-time, historical, and predicted events in the network. EXFO Xtract helps operators improve the overall control and performance of their network infrastructure by proactively monitoring and managing their assets, regardless of infrastructure size, geographical deployment distribution or network topology architecture.

Unique and Innovative Features

Network Discovery
Network Discovery

This feature provides you with on-demand and scheduled autodiscovery of network assets, including devices and their components, and automatically generates a layer-2 and layer-3 network map for full network topology visibility.

Rapid Report Creation
Customizable Service Dashboards

This feature allows you to quickly create reports with just a few clicks, and easily consolidate them into a console-based or Web-based view, service dashboard or Adobe PDF report. These PDFs can be scheduled to run at a certain time, and be subsequently e-mailed to particular users or groups.

Customizable Service Dashboards

Customizable Web-based user interfaces (UIs) allow users to create dashboards at the click of a button. Dashboard content can include real-time, trend and historical reports, in addition to geographical maps, data grids, and other types of active content.

Alarms and Filtering
Alarms and Filtering

This feature facilitates alarm monitoring, mediation and accumulation from multiple systems through a unique intermediary system utilizing proprietary filtering and deduplication techniques. The end result is higher-quality, actionable information decreasing the time required for trouble-ticket resolution while driving OPEX reduction and maximized operational efficiency.

Multilanguage Support

The EXFO Xtract User Interface fully supports internationalization, enabling multiple languages to be easily accessed by different users at the same time. This capability is very useful for organizations with a global presence, because it ensures that all users are able to understand the interface regardless of location (America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East or Asia)

BrixWorx Family Synergy

BrixWorx Family Synergy

New infrastructure performance tests similar to numerous BrixWorx active tests have also been added. This fully integrated suite of tests can be executed ad hoc as Brix on-demand tests, or as part of a service-level agreement (SLA). EXFO Xtract synergy with BrixWorx ensures that all hosted service assurance applications have access to a common set of essential functions (such as open application programming interfaces, or APIs) for easy integration of key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts with third-party operations support systems (OSS). Users enjoy easy access to SLA, service-status, problem-detection and troubleshooting functions through the all Web-based BrixWorx Operation Center.

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EXFO Xtract

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Comprehensive and scalable monitoring platform that uses a combination of patented software engines to collect, analyze, correlate and report on real-time, historical and predicted events in the network.

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EXFO Xtract
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Aug. 2014

High-performance, low memory footprint, Java-based monitoring solution that runs on Linux.

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