Custom Solutions

Your network is unique

At EXFO Service Assurance, we understand that each and every network is unique. You have created an infrastructure that fuses hardware and software into a working solution to deliver advanced IP services, including VoIP and IPTV. However, with a custom network, the need to integrate disparate hardware and software is essential to long-term success and reliable customer service.

EXFO’s Solution Architects are available to design complete solutions around each customer’s business and technical needs. Solution Architect works closely with customers to develop custom applications or specialized integrations, while the Professional Services team deploys the final solution.

EXFO Service Assurance Custom Solutions Services will work with your network and operations personnel to deliver a seamless integration between the Brix System family of converged service assurance offerings and your company’s network and operational support system (OSS). With EXFO Service Assurance Professional Services, your operations staff can reliably manage and maintain your advanced IP services for your customers.

Advanced customization

By combining the power of your existing OSS with the open BrixWorx service assurance correlation and analysis software engine, EXFO Service Assurance Professional Services will help you create a solution that offers visibility and recoverability for your complete network. Your Professional Services team will listen to your objectives and qualify your back-office integration and enhanced visualization needs, translating your business and technical requirements into an action plan that can be developed and implemented quickly and effectively.

With service offerings that include back-office integration, custom portal development, and enhanced visualization, our Solutions Architects and Professional Service team works with you to create an advanced IP services offering with which you know what is going on at all times. You benefit from predictability to avoid outages and service interruptions. With EXFO Service Assurance Custom Solutions Services, you get access to the information you need—in the format you require.

Simplified OSS integration

Your OSS is your vital command point, and, ideally, all of your network elements can be monitored and managed from this central solution. However, in the real world, disparate systems and proprietary software make integration with your OSS difficult at best—and sometimes impossible. Our team will work to integrate your new Brix System converged service assurance solution with your OSS for centralized management and monitoring of your advanced IP services.

Portals to enhance customer support

Advanced IP services, such as VoIP and IPTV, go from limited pilot projects to full-scale rollouts to paying subscribers; customer service is vital to success. The EXFO Service Assurance team can create a customer-facing portal that serves not only as a one-stop customer services aid (evaluation, information, purchase, and support) but also as a valuable tool for your front-line support personnel to diagnose and handle customer issues.

The right information for the right audience

Different parts of your organization require different views into the health and well-being of your entire network. Operations want to see statistics on performance and health. Accounting wants information to enforce SLAs and ensure contractual obligations. Marketing wants customer service information to promote the service offering. Working closely with your key personnel, we will understand your needs, define the solution, and create custom reports and visualizations that give each audience the right information they need at the right time.