Service Assurance Solutions for Voice Services


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Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is now a mainstream technology that is critical to enterprises and to the service providers that support them. Your customers are not only using VoIP networks with millions of endpoints on a daily basis, they are demanding additional services like IMS. They also demand quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and proof that you are delivering on your service-level agreements (SLAs).

VoIP Monitoring, Testing and Assurance

EXFO offers a complete solution for network VoIP monitoring, VoIP testing and VoIP service assurance. By supporting comprehensive visibility into the performance of live VoIP/IMS traffic, EXFO can help you ensure call quality from the network core to the customer. By closing the visibility gap between expected network performance and actual customer experience, you can satisfy your subscribers by delivering high-quality customer care along with a high-quality service. EXFO’s proven BrixCall solution provides:

  • Comprehensive live VoIP call analysis and correlation via a simple, Web-based interface
  • Dashboards that monitor the overall health of your network and display critical information for at-a-glance awareness
  • Proactive performance alerts that notify operators of call quality degradations, outages or abnormal calling patterns
  • Detailed analysis of signaling quality, delivery quality and call quality for every single call
  • A standards-based architecture that scales cost-effectively and infinitely
  • Full and seamless integration with your existing operating systems
  • Multiplay support that lets you assure video, data and mobile services from the same interface

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Specification Sheets

BrixCall is an advanced active testing and live call signaling and media analysis application providing comprehensive visibility into the performance of VoIP, VoLTE, IMS rich-media and video call traffic.

Last updated: 2014-07-02

The Brix System

Specification Sheets

The Brix System delivers end-to-end network visibility and continuous real-time service monitoring and verification in multiplay environments.

Last updated: 2014-04-10

Converged multiplay service offerings (voice, video, data and mobile) require consistent, high-quality delivery to customers to prevent customer churn. This white paper describes three views on multiplay convergence (revenue, CAPEX and OPEX) and shows how converged multiplay service assurance benefits all three.

Last updated: 2012-01-05

Service Quality Assurance (part 1)

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The emergence of next-generation, all-IP networks as well as the focus on service-based architecture has increased the need for end-to-end monitoring of quality of service (QoS). This animated diagram presents EXFO’s solutions assess end-to-end QoS/QoE while leveraging multiple standards and network elements.

Last updated: 2011-12-20