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Wireless Core Testing


The evolved packet core (EPC) is the all-IP core network for LTE. It orchestrates major functions of the wireless network such as user authentication, mobility, policy enforcement, charging, deep packet inspection (DPI), interworking with legacy 2G/3G/CDMA networks and many others. It enables end-to-end IP connectivity for the delivery of services.

Delivering true wireless broadband with high quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers places tremendous demands on the EPC, compounded by ever-growing data hungry applications such as video streaming and sensitive real-time applications such as VoLTE. Consequently, the EPC is experiencing unseen levels of both user- and control-plane traffic.

The need for seamless interworking with legacy 2G/3G/CDMA networks, for both voice and data services, adds another layer of complexity—as does the need to interwork with IMS. To top it off, time-to-market pressures are greater than ever.

Under these circumstances, comprehensive and realistic lab testing is the only way to ensure success. High fidelity replication of live network complexity, traffic levels and traffic patterns in the lab is essential across all technologies (4G as well as 2G/3G).

EXFO’s QualityAssurer Series enables performance and functionality testing of the EPC and its elements under real-world traffic conditions. Wrap-around testing of the elements in the EPC, either individually or in combination, is possible to characterize their performance, capacity and functionality.

The QualityAssurer can generate hundreds of thousands of control-plane messages per second toward the SUT while simulating thousands of network elements and millions of subscribers with millions of user-plane data sessions. Special consideration has been given to the testing of key services such as VoLTE and critical functions such as mobility and policy and charging control (PCC).

EXFO’s QualityAssurer Series

A simple way to simulate live network complexity in the lab. It allows you to:

  • Live network traffic patterns
  • Live network scale and volume—millions of UEs, millions of bearers, line-rate user plane data
  • Live network diversity in subscriber behavior, network element behavior, types of data, mobility, special event/venue conditions and time of day variations
Analyze and measure
  • Every single session to verify QoE and adherence to stringent quality requirements under full load
  • Impact of other types of data on VoLTE and vice versa
  • Responsiveness: registrations, call setups and handovers
Verify resiliency of service to network failures

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