OPEX Savings Estimator Tool

OPEX reduction is the No. 1 priority of today’s operators deploying FTTH networks. After years of collaboration with major network operators worldwide, we can clearly identify that the investments in manpower and expertise as well as the costs related to repeat truck rolls—i.e., crews sent back to fix common issues—have a significant negative impact on OPEX.

The OPEX Estimator tool provides you with an estimate of the potential savings you can achieve using the iOLM as your daily fiber characterization and troubleshooting solution. The iOLM minimizes the learning curve for your technicians and helps you cut down on expert salaries, while reducing the number of repeat truck rolls by delivering accurate characterization, right from day one.

Be advised that the OPEX savings results are based on your personal data entry and the calculation only represents an estimate of the potential savings.