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40G/100G Multiservice Test Module — IQS-85100G Packet Blazer


EXFO’s 40G/100G integrated multiservice testing solution for carrier labs and the NEM market.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • 40G/100G Ethernet fully compliant with IEEE 802.3ba standard and OTU3/OTU4 as per ITU-T G.709 and OC-768/STM-256 testing capabilities — all in a single module
  • OTU3/OTU4 and OTU3e1/e2 with forward error correction (FEC) and optical transport layer (OTL) testing capabilities as software options
  • 40G/100G Ethernet mapping over OTN and OTU3/OTU4 single and multistage multiplexing capabilities for transponder and muxponder testing
  • 40G/100G IP traffic at 100% transmission with full Ethernet statistics, clear pass/fail verdicts, packet capture and advanced traffic filtering capabilities
  • Enhancing the 40G/100G Ethernet stack with support for IPv6 protocol capability for transition IP stack testing
  • Faster Ethernet service activation with EtherSAM (ITU-T Y.1564) service configuration and performance tests, as well as RFC 2544 test suites complemented by remote discovery, Smart Loopback and dual-test-set capabilities
  • 40G/100G Ethernet traffic generation and monitoring with up to 16 fully configurable streams to simulate a multiservice offering and complete QoS results to fully qualify SLA parameters
  • Fully integrated testing capabilities for assessing CFP MSA optical modules and physical-layer performance: PCS into CAUI/XLAUI, logical into physical mappings, skew testing, advanced signal conditioning and full MDIO access
  • Single instrument for carrier lab qualifications and NEM applications with 40G/100G multiservice offering, remote management, predefined user configurations and complete automation capabilities


  • Powerful CFP-based layer 1/2/3 Ethernet traffic generation and analysis to stress and validate network infrastructure elements against demanding corner cases
  • 100GBASE-LR4/ER4 and 40GBASE-LR4 optical parameter validation (in conjunction with other EXFO products)
  • Rapid validation of IEEE 802.3ba physical-layer performance metrics using industry-leading PCS testing capabilities (PCS lanes, markers, skews and underlying CAUI and XLAUI testing)
  • Thorough certification of 100 Gbit/s Ethernet and 40 Gbit/s Ethernet CFP, CXP and QSFP transceiver characteristics and performance


EXFO’s IQS-85100G Packet Blazer offers the 40G/100G Ethernet and SONET mapping capability over OTU3/OTU4 through EoOTN or SONET/SDH software options. This key testing capability provides the following benefits:

  • Enables NEMs to qualify their 40G/100G transponder development (such as mapping and demapping capabilities), in addition to client signal timing transparency.
  • Provides the 40 GigE-specific transcoding capability that must be qualified to ensure that the 40 GigE frame is properly transcoded from 64B/66B to 1024B/1027B, and properly mapped into the OTU3 (43G) standard frame.

With the IQS-85100G Packet Blazer, customers can:

  • Map 40G/100G Ethernet clients or SONET/SDH over optical transport network (OTN) with different traffic characteristics.
  • Run end-to-end BER tests across an OTN and measure the ratio of error bits to the number of sent bits (the IQS-85100G Packet Blazer module provides complete analysis of the OTN transport layers, including OTU/ODU/OPU and GMP statistics to ensure proper recovery of the client signal at the receive end and complete SONET/SDH analysis.
  • Leverage EXFO’s EoOTN testing capability to validate 40G/100G Ethernet traffic transmission with 100% throughput, and ensure that latency does not impact service providers’ service-level agreements (SLA) with customers.


The IQS-85100G Packet Blazer can perform the RFC 2544 test suite for 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces at all frame sizes and at full-line rate, allowing service providers to certify that the circuit is efficient and error-free at 100% utilization. It also supports automated RFC 2544 testing for accurate, consistent and repeatable results.

The IQS-85100G’s RFC 2544 testing capability also comes with five Smart Loopback modes offering following features and benefits:

  • Provide the flexibility to adjust to all loopback situations: pinpoint loopback traffic from a UDP or TCP layer, or all the way down to a completely promiscuous mode (Transparent Loopback mode.
  • Enable end-to-end testing where the remote unit will return traffic to the local unit by swapping packet overhead up to layer 4 of the OSI stack.
  • Enable manufacturers and carriers to ensure optimal performance of 40G/100G optics during lab evaluations.


Supported on the IQS-85100G Packet Blazer module for 40G/100G Ethernet services, this new methodology brings numerous advantages, including:

  • Validation of critical SLA criteria such as packet jitter and QoS measurements
  • Faster time-to-service
  • EtherSAM test suite: Based on the ITU-T Y.1564 Ethernet service activation methodology, this EXFO innovation is capable of simulating all the types of services running on the network and simultaneously qualifying all the key SLA parameters for each service.

Download the specification sheet for full product details.

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