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Tunable Laser Source — FLS-2600B


Continuous and precise tuning over the C- and L-band ranges.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • 100 nm tuning range
  • ± 15 pm uncertainty
  • Inherent coherence control
  • ± 0.005 dB power stability
  • S/SSE > 75 dB


  • Spectral Insertion Loss of Passive Componentss
  • Filter Alignment Station

High-Performance Tunable Laser Source

Also available as a platform-based module (IQS-2600B), the FLS-2600B is ideal for complete characterization of fiber-optic filters, multiplexers and other dense WDM components. They are the logical choice for instrumentation calibration and for measuring wavelength-dependent gain, noise contribution and the saturation properties of EDFAs.


Second Generation Specifications and Design

Greater than 100 nm Tuning Range

This second-generation tunable erbium-doped fiber laser delivers exacting wavelength accuracy for long periods of use. Wavelength can now be tuned over a wide range—1510 nm to 1612 nm. Output power is greater than 0 dBm over the critical 1515 nm to 1610 nm range.

Designed Around Your Testing Needs

The tunable laser source integrates both a monitor output port and a main output port. The monitor port, which is essentially a 5 % tap from the laser cavity, is useful for real-time wavelength monitoring in tests where optimum wavelength accuracy plays a major role. In addition, the main output is regulated in output power and can be attenuated over a 10 dB range.

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Specification Sheets

The IQS-2600B Tunable Laser Source is ideal for testing dense WDM components in the C- and L-band ranges.

Last updated: 2013-12-11

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