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VoIP and IMS Services — EXFO Call


An advanced active testing and live call signaling and media analysis application providing comprehensive visibility into the performance of VoIP, VoLTE, IMS rich-media and video call traffic

Technical information

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Key features

  • Comprehensive active testing and live call analysis and correlation application
  • Full support for IP voice (VoIP) and IP video calling
  • Integrated IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), VoLTE and rich communications suite (RCS) support
  • Integrated voice over LTE (VoLTE) support, based on GSMA IR.92 including IPSec and AKA authentication
  • At-a-glance dashboards and historical metrics reporting
  • Per-session rich call quality records with integrated end-to-end call-flow diagrams
  • Integrated call failure analysis and troubleshooting tools
  • Open APIs for seamless third-party OSS integration
  • Complete synergy with the EXFO Worx family of service assurance applications

IMS Rich-Media Voice and Video Support

Both the EXFO Call active testing and live call performance analysis applications feature full support for IMS-based rich media services, including support for 3GPP rich communications suite (RCS) specifications.

IP voice and video media quality is continuously measured by a full set of key real-time transfer protocol (RTP) metrics, including RTP streams volumes, codec utilization, bandwidth, average and burst packet loss, average and peak jitter, packet discard, and one-way and round-trip latency.

Audio media performance is characterized on a per-stream basis using standardized ITU G.107 E-model algorithms to produce both R-Factor and MOS scores. Standardized PESQ measurements are also available for active performance analysis.

Video media performance is supported by identical raw RTP metrics, but also features proprietary video quality index (VQI) algorithms to produce a single metric view of video media performance.

Active Performance Monitoring

Deployed in conjunction with BV-110 and/or BV-3100 Active Verifiers, EXFO Call active performance monitoring is an integrated component within the EXFO Worx central-site software engine the provides direct measurement of VoIP, IMS and video call network element performance.

Network active tests directly measure underlying signaling and media transport performance, whereas service active tests directly measure service quality from network to subscriber and from subscriber to network. Features such as on-demand tests and media loopback tests provide direct methods to troubleshoot VoIP, IMS and video call functions if performance degradations are discovered.

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