IPTV Service Assurance Software — BrixVision


Allows you to deliver the highest quality video services to gain and retain subscribers.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Continuously manages and monitors video service quality
  • Proactively warns team of problems and streamlines troubleshooting
  • Delivers complete end-to-end service-assurance visibility to help assure customer satisfaction and meet quality-of-experience expectations

BrixVision: End-to-End Quality of Experience Assessment for Video

For service providers to gain market share in the highly competitive video services space, it is essential to deliver high quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers. As quality expectations rise and alternatives threaten, providers must deliver the highest possible quality. Successful providers will be the ones that successfully turn up, test, troubleshoot and continually monitor and assure their video services. To do so, they must be equipped with proper measurement and monitoring tools to test their networks at the deployment phase, ensure performance when turning up their networks, and continuously monitor their video service performance to keep their customers happy.

Such end-to-end service assurance requires a sophisticated solution that combines both hardware and software components that are integrated, scalable, flexible and easy to use. The answer: EXFO’s BrixVision Video Service Assurance Solution.

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