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Provides performance and quality information to all decision makers. Offers interactive dashboard views, customizable reporting packages and individual content portals, enabling all users across an organization to access the information quickly and easily.

Technical Information

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Key Features

  • Provides at-a-glance service and performance management summaries for executive decision making
  • Enables information sharing throughout the organization for more informed, faster decisions
  • Aids customer care staff with problem analysis to quickly locate, diagnose and prioritize service issues
  • Consolidates information and simplifies the processes of data mining, trending and pattern analysis

IP Service-to-Business Intelligence: Visualization and Reporting for Decision Makers

Service providers are rapidly transitioning to converged IP-based voice, video, data and mobile services and applications to deliver critical communications and entertainment to business and residential users. There are many reasons for this transition as flexible, efficient and cost-effective IP-based services and applications offer compelling operational benefits. Additionally, IP-based services and applications allow providers a better mechanism for managing end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and end-user quality of experience (QoE).

Although next-generation IP networks are more complex than traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) networks, providers can extract significantly more data that can be used to continually measure and monitor service performance and quality across the network. By deploying an end-to-end converged service assurance solution, providers can collect key performance indicators (KPIs) and additional metrics from multiple points in the network and at the end-user level to truly reflect the performance and quality of any IP-based service.

As IP networks continually expand and subscriber rates grow exponentially, business owners and executives need greater visibility into service performance and a simple way of analyzing complex data to make smart business decisions. Significant challenges are how to consolidate data collected from various points of the network and interact with the information to gain valuable insight into patterns, relationships and customer assurance impact. Additionally, with new IP-based services critical to business success, more organizational stakeholders from technical to business managers to executive levels are interested in the results and demand their own unique visualization requirements. The effectiveness of the data is ultimately determined by if it’s the right data for the right people in the right format.

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The Brix System

Specification Sheets

The Brix System delivers end-to-end network visibility and continuous real-time service monitoring and verification in multiplay environments.

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Converged multiplay service offerings (voice, video, data and mobile) require consistent, high-quality delivery to customers to prevent customer churn. This white paper describes three views on multiplay convergence (revenue, CAPEX and OPEX) and shows how converged multiplay service assurance benefits all three.

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The emergence of next-generation, all-IP networks as well as the focus on service-based architecture has increased the need for end-to-end monitoring of quality of service (QoS). This animated diagram presents EXFO’s solutions assess end-to-end QoS/QoE while leveraging multiple standards and network elements.

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Service Quality Assurance (part 2)

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This animated diagram shows how EXFO’s BrixWorx and Brix Verifiers can help you assess the end-to-end QoS/QoE while leveraging multiple standards and network elements.

Last updated: 2011-12-20


Business Intelligence: Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Business Intelligence: Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Convergence is today's reality and operators are dealing with multiple voice, data, video and mobile networks that vary in interconnectivity levels. This evolving multiplay world is generating complexity and driving interest in business intelligence (BI) as operators attempt to tackle the flood of management data generated by their networks.

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