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Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer — FTB-5800


Offers speed, accuracy and high performance for all your CD test needs in the CO and in the field. Combines with the FLS-5800A light source, which is designed for both PMD and chromatic dispersion (CD) testing.

Technical Information

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  • Accurate CD compensation for 10 Gbit/s networks
  • 40 Gbit/s network qualification and CD compensation

Key Features

  • Uses the approved, highly accurate phase-shift method to measure chromatic dispersion (CD) in networks and fiber links in DWDM, long-haul and ultra-long-haul systems
  • Tests through EDFAs
  • Personalized data management for clear, customized report generation
  • 40 Gbit/s ready

EXFO’s FTB-5800 uses the approved phase-shift method to measure chromatic dispersion (CD) in networks and fiber links in DWDM, long-haul and ultra-long-haul systems. With data rates reaching 10 Gbit/s (OC-192, STM-64) and 40 Gbit/s (OC-768, STM-256), CD characterization is critical.

This product is 40 Gbit/s ready. Housed in the expert FTB-500 Platform, the FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer offers speed, accuracy and high performance for all your CD test needs in the CO and in the field. Test through EDFAs, and benefit from no communication between source and receiver.

The Phase-Shift Method

To transmit a signal, modulated light is sent through the fiber. At the end of the fiber, different wavelengths have different phase shifts. The measurement of these different phase delays in the frequency domain relates to a delay in the time domain and, therefore, to CD.

Housed in the FTB-500 Platform

To survive knocks, bumps and drops, the FTB-5800 CD Analyzer is housed in the lightweight magnesium shell of the tough, splashproof FTB-500 Platform. Combine up to eight single-slot, field-interchangeable modules in the powerful FTB-500 for simultaneous support of multiple testing applications (PMD, OTDR and OLTS, among others). The FTB-500 provides a unique and advantageous testing environment.

The FTB-5800 is a truly field-portable CD test set, so you no longer need to be in-house to perform accurate measurements. The CD analyzer operates in the FTB-500’s PC environment, eliminating the need to bring a laptop in the field. The FTB-5800 is a four-slot module for the FTB-500 eight-slot platform. This means that in a single, rugged, battery-operated unit, both a CD and PMD analyzer can be housed and used simultaneously.

The No-Communication Advantage

Now you can test whole links instead of only sections, reducing manipulation, error and testing time. EXFO’s patent-pending technology offers a truly unique advantage—no communication between the source and the receiver. Because filtering is done at the receiver end and not at the source, transmission through one-way devices such as isolators and EDFAs is possible. Tests have been performed through as many as 30 amplifiers.

Universal Receiver

Equipped with a broadband detector, EXFO uses the same receiver for both C- and L-band testing. Although one band may be adequate for today’s testing, EXFO makes it easy to handle possible future expansions. Should your testing needs change, you can simply purchase additional sources without having to purchase another receiver.

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